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Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC&R) was once a term only in the dictionary of professionals. However, today, it is widely common in the industry. HVAC&R has become associated with air conditioning and is frequently used as a synonym in the industry.


Let’s start with the most important question first – what is HVAC&R? HVAC&R systems are responsible to provide warm and cool air to your homes and commercial places. They blow fresh and clean air from the outside to air-condition the room and improve indoor air quality through its process of ventilation. It enhances the indoor quality and prevents moisture, airborne bacteria, and dust particles while also adjusting the room temperature


There are times when certain components of your HVAC system may function independently. However, the elements working in combination with other parts is more common, and these “combined systems” comprise air conditioning and central heating systems.

Moreover, you should know that the HVAC systems are not confined to heat and cool your place – it is much more than that. As a whole, the system’s functions also include the transformation of the air quality and making the environment comfortable.

Your HVAC system is composed of nine essential components. Let’s explore them individually.

  1. Air Return

The component extracts the air and return it back into the main system via a filter. However, the buildup of dust and dirt can quickly cover the filters. To ensure proper functioning, make sure to ask reliable Melbourne HVAC services to clean the air return often.

  1. Filter

Filters are the second component of the return. Always change the filters as required to keep your system up and running efficently.

  1. Compressor

It is one of the major components of your ac system, which converts the refrigerant into liquid and regulates it to the coils. A compressor is often the root cause of a majority of failures. That is why it is important to get it regularly maintained by the best HVAC specialists in Melbourne.

  1. Exhaust Outlets

These exhaust outlets are responsible for venting out the heat from your system.

  1. Coils

Coils are responsible to absorb the heat from your room so that cool air is returned with the help of a blower fan. You should ask the HVAC service to run a quick check of your coils because they can freeze up.

  1. Ducts

Ducts are responsible for transporting the air from your HVAC system. Your air ducts should always be well-maintained because they are a source of your comfort and good indoor air quality.

  1. Outdoor Unit

Featuring a fan for airflow, the outdoor unit blows out the hot air collected from your room.

  1. Blower

A blower circulates the air into your room or workspace. It is one of the main components of your HVAC system as it maintains the temperature, blowing hot air in winters and cool in summers.

  1. Electrical Components

Electric components are the main source of efficient functioning of your HVAC system. These are often the root cause of different issues in your system; hence, it is paramount to check the electrical components first.


How often do you get your HVAC maintenance?  Frequent checks for repairs and maintenance issues enables the HVAC system to function at an optimum level and provide you with all-year-round comfort. Here are some of the awesome benefits you are up for if you do not neglect regular HVAC maintenance.

Firstly, it extends the lifespan of your HVAC system. If you invest in bi-yearly or yearly maintenance, your HVAC technician is able to detect the root cause of issues and fix them before a breakdown.

Secondly, if your monthly energy bills have gone up, you should get your HVAC system checked right away. There are times when dust and dirt buildup cover your AC filters. In such a situation, the system takes more energy to function. Hence, it is important to get the system checked and optimize its performance.

Moreover, servicing improves the quality of the air. The clean filters distribute clean and fresh air, mitigating the risk of allergies due to air pollutants in the air.

Make sure to enter into a maintenance program by one of the top Melbourne HVAC companies to check for these issues and maximize these benefits for your system.


If you are wondering if you could perform HVAC maintenance or repairs, the answer is you should hire a specialist service. Why? It takes years to learn to handle HVAC tasks and daily unit maintenance.

There are a lot of skills and expertise required to install and service HVAC systems, and technicians at Surrey Air are well-equipped with the advanced knowledge to handle even the most complex issues. Whether there is a minor issue to fix or a full installation to carry out, we have licensed technicians to do a professional job every single time.

Surrey Air is one of the best HVAC specialists in Melbourne because we have customer-friendly packages along with a well-equipped customer team and responsive approach to handling your HVAC requests.


Surrey Air is the trusted name in the Melbourne HVAC services industry. For more than 35 years, we have topped the list with some of the best for professionalism and proficiency of tasks. With a range of heating and cooling solutions, we provide unmatched Melbourne HVAC services due to our licensed technicians who undergo rigorous training sessions.

As one of the top Melbourne HVAC services, we are reliable, professional and customer-oriented. Our customers come first; hence, we strive to improve our services with quick response times, clear communication and exceptional industry experience.

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