Currently, many betting members are very interested in Kubet promotions. What do they include? And the benefits of which promotion item at the house is the hottest today. 

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Featured promotional items at Kubet

KUBET is the leading bookmaker in the online betting game business field and has launched many special promotions for participating players. Here are some Kubet promotions for your reference. Specifically like:

Recharge promotion

When players deposit Kubet, you will be able to apply Kubet promotions such as:

  • Promotion for the first deposit: when you top up 100 or more, you will receive an additional 20% of the value of the top-up card.
  • Promotion for the second deposit: when you deposit 1 million or more, you will receive an additional 10% of the value of the top-up card. The maximum is 588, and the set of 10x stake.

Attention Category

  • After the player receives the promotion, the valid bet must reach (deposit + bonus) x “bet multiple” before you can withdraw.
  • If you want to receive promotions after depositing, please click “register now” on the login interface. The purpose is to send a request to the system for review within 3 hours.
  • Same account/family/residence address/contact phone/payment account (such as debit account, credit card) IP address/shared computer system only one bonus time.
  • If there is any problem with the promotion program, the company will have the right to amend it. Or suspend, or cancel the promotion at any time.

Promotion 5 choose 1

Next is the promotion from Kubet 5. Choose 1 for your reference. As follows:

Conditions of participation

Members during the promotion period from January 1, 2021, to December 31, 2021, recharge three times or more with a total deposit of over 5,000,000 VND. Eligible members register to receive gifts before December 31, 2021.

Promotion form

  • Step 1: Members who are eligible for the promotion, click “Get it now” at the promotion interface. At the same time, you choose 1 out of 5 gifts you want to receive. After that, please fill in the information to receive the gift.
  • Step 2: Wait for approval within 15 to 20 working days. Then Kubet will transfer the gift from the company to the player.

Choose gift 1 out of 5

The gifts in the Kubet promotion section choose 1 out of 5 are limited. Once the skills are out, the promotion will end. The following is a list of gift items:

Weekly return promotion

The following is the Ku casino weekly refund table for players’ reference. This promotion only applies when betting AG, CMD, AE, BNG, CQ9, PLS, BBIN, WM, GPI, SABA, PS, DS, DG, SA, IM, AVIA, AES, KS, PG, and KA.

Bet Points Return Rate is only applicable when placing bets

1000 points or more 0.5% Bet 100 thousand: 100,000*0.5%=500

200k or more 0.6% Bet 800k: 200,000*0.5% + (800,000 – 200,000)*0.6%= 4,600.

1 million or more 0.7% Bet 1.2 million points: 200,000*0.50+ 800,000*0.6%+(1.200.000-1,000,000)*0.7%= 7,200.

The promotion applies to V8 antagonists

Bets Return Odds Apply V8 vs

1000 or more 0.6% Bet 100 thousand: 100,000*0.6%=600

200k or more 0.7% Bet 800k: 200,000*0.6%+(800,000-200,000)*0.7%=5,400.

1 million or more 0.8% Bet 1.2 million points then: 200,000*0.6%+800,000*0.7%+(1.200.000-1,000,000)*0.8%=8,400.

Promotion method

The refund will be on the amount of a week’s bet to settle (1-week bets are calculated from midnight from Friday to 11:59 on Friday of the following week.

Attention Category

  • Every week, when players place bets under the promotion conditions, the system will automatically settle. Before 5:00 p.m. of the next working day, the bonus money will automatically go to the main account. Also attached with a notification message.
  • Eligible bets of each type of Casino playing field will be calculated separately. For AG (sports, table games, and video Poker), BBIN (sports, lottery), V8 (table games), PS (table games), PLS (table games), DG (lottery), PG (table game), KA (table game, video Poker) will not count the stake.

Kubet promotion with high cashback

The following are the promotional items Kubet refunds to specific players as follows:

Lobby Ku Silver Gold Platinum Diamond Vip Notes

Sports KU 0.6% 0.65% 0.7% 0.75% 1.8% Please refer to article 2 sports reimbursement example

Players will still calculate KU casino 0.6% 0.65% 0.7% 0.75% 1.0%. No matter the resulting win or loss, the refund is according to the valid stake of the bet.

Attention Category

  • Place bets on parlays, aggregate bets, scores, number of goals, half/full match, 1×2 will not receive refund bets.
  • Collective individuals who abuse the company’s promotions in any way. Then the house has the right to cancel and withdraw the preferential gifts. As well as other benefits obtained in the promotion program.
  • All Kubet promotions are explicitly designed for players. If the player registers the information, there is a dispute to ensure the interests of the parties.
  • If there is a problem with the promotion program, the company will have the right to amend it. Or suspend, or cancel the promotion at any time.

Above is the detailed general information about Kubet promotion items for your reference. I hope this article will bring many valuable things to you.

Download App Kubet – Instructions to download the correct app for iOS and Android

Currently, many betting players are interested in how to download the Kubet App to their mobile phones. This method is one of the most prestigious bookmakers in Asia in terms of online betting games. If you want to know more about this topic, please follow the article below for more details!

What kind of house is Kubet?

Players can say that Kubet is a famous bookmaker with many high-class services worldwide. And all Kubet’s activities are under the supervision of the Philippine government. Currently, this bookie’s headquarter is in Makati city in the Philippines. Many betting gamers highly appreciate Kubet for the prestigious quality they bring to customers.

Kubet has an operating license from the Philippines’ Pagcor group. This method is a leading organization specializing in the management and licensing of bookmakers dealing in betting, casino, and entertainment games. Users can rest assured when trading at this bookie. Kubet always aims to bring the highest safety and transparency to its members.

Currently, the betting halls of the Kubet bookie are entire with modern monitoring equipment. The primary purpose is to detect fraud by providing complete monitoring capabilities. In addition, Kubet has technical equipment with high safety. The above factors will give gamers the most accurate and safe data.

Instructions for downloading the kubet app

If players want to experience the features of the leading house Kubet on the phone. Then you should download the Kubet app right away to be able to play betting games anywhere. This bet is the application that the game maker wants exclusively for users who wish to experience Ku casino on their phones. This model is a privilege that not all bookmakers have.

The Kubet app often updates the new version with the most convenient features. This bookie supports users to download the Kubet app through two forms: downloading via the official link of the bookie and directly downloading the built-in app on the main Kubet interface. You can choose 1 of the two methods above to do it.

However, many fake addresses of Kubet house now provide false information for fraud. So everyone needs to carefully study the reputable links of Ku Casino before installing the application. To download the app the fastest, please choose the link below:

  • Download Kubet app for phones running the Android operating system: kubet77.VIP
  • Download Kubet’s app for iOS phones: kubet77.VIP

Specific actions to perform

To download the app of the Kubet bookie, please follow the steps below for faster operation:

  • Step 1: Please select the link to download the app suitable for your mobile device. Or people can directly access the homepage to download the Kubet app to their phones.
  • Step 2: Users, please click on the link we shared above. To download the app to your phone.
  • Step 3: Click on “install” to download and install the application on your phone.

Instructions to download Kubet app on Android phones

Here is a guide for you on how to download the Kubet bookmaker’s app to your phone. As follows:

Method 1: Download the application directly

Everyone needs a member account at Ku casino to download the kubet app on Android phones. If you join for the first time at the bookie, you must click on the kubet registration section on the Kubet login interface. The purpose is to register a game account with the user’s personal information.

When everyone has successfully registered for a member account at Kubet, please log in to the game and then click on the link to download the Kubet Android app for the system to run automatically. The system will then return the results to you and appear on the game download screen for phones running the Android operating system. The next step is to select the “settings” item to let the phone install the application itself.

So you have finished downloading the application to your Android mobile device.

Method 2: Download the application from the Kubet bookie homepage

Users need to go to the game menu of Ku casino and click on the “Download app” item in the options menu. Once you have downloaded the app in this way, if you have any problems with the failed download error, then you can immediately contact Kubet’s consultant team through contact channels from Zalo, Viber, or online chat. They will guide you in detail, check the error you encounter, and fix it immediately.

Instructions to download Kubet App on iOS phones

  • Step 1: If you are using an iPhone device, you should immediately register a member account of Kubet.
  • Step 2: After an account at Kubet, click on the link to download the Kubet app for iOS phones. At this time, the system will automatically run and return the results to the player. At the same time, the bookie will provide users with the latest Kubet app link.
  • Step 3: To install the application on iPhone, users need to authenticate it before downloading it. And you can follow the steps below to work faster:

 Instructions for authenticating the Kubet app for iPhone phones

iOS operating system to install the app for the first time must confirm the enterprise developer. After you secure the successful installation, you can use the app usually. And here are the steps for your reference:

  • Step 1: When you successfully download the app to your iPhone. At this point, a message titled “not trusted” will appear on the phone screen. Then, please click on “Cancel” to perform the following steps to install the app.
  • Step 2: Users go to the settings of the iPhone device > general settings > device management.
  • Step 3: In the “enterprise application” section, please click on “open app.”
  • Step 4: A confirmation message for the Kubet app will appear. And users, please click on the “trust” button to complete the installation process.
  • Step 5: You just need to exit the application and log back into the Kubet app outside the phone screen. As a brother, you can experience all the features of this house.

Above is detailed general information on downloading the Kubet app to your phone for reference. Hopefully, this article will bring many valuable things to you and help you download applications faster and more efficiently.


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