Gold Plated Round Bangles

For centuries Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry  has been loved by women, and there is no chance of this trend going away soon. Gemstones with silver make the best combination when it comes to statement jewelry pieces. More customers today realize the worth of other gemstones than emeralds, rubies, and sapphire. Due to the vibrant colors and beautiful hue, wholesale sterling silver gemstone jewelry are highly in demand. Let’s dive in deeper to find the latest gemstone silver jewelry trends in the market:

  1. New gemstones – Today, women have developed different tastes in gemstone jewelry. Customers a re prompted to buy jewelry that includes garnet, ruby, amethyst, rubellite, etc. Many jewelry businesses have begun to use a variety of valuable gems as the centerpiece of their jewelry. 
  2. Unique gem shape – Colored gems showcases the shade of the stone, unlike diamonds, where carats are kept into consideration. More brands are designing jewelry pieces with exotic gem shapes to make unique jewelry. Even an unusual combination of the gems is another trend going on these days. A floating setting is another popular way of setting that customers love.
  3. Match with un-match – We all know how tutti-frutti design became popular when diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds were combined. The common perception was that these gemstones are incompatible, but the popularity of tutti frutti design discarded the common perception. We can say that matching with unmatchable is another jewelry trend you must follow.
  4. Pastel color jewelry – The younger generation is less interested in bright-colored gems like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, etc. They prefer jewelry with a gentle and pastel color palette that you can easily match up with your casual outfits. So, manufacturers are using paler emeralds and sapphires to create a new masterpiece.
  5. Different stones – Translucent precious stones make a beautiful match with bright-colored gemstones. Designers can push their creativity and carve out something unique using different gemstones of varied shapes.
  6. Stacked rings – Layering of the rings is a new fashion in silver. You can get one gemstone ring and can stack it with the thin plain silver rings above and below it. You can wear a silver amethyst ring and layer it with plain sterling silver rings. 
  7. Sculpted shells – Shell jewelry pieces are another big trend this year. You can go for a simple bracelet made up of silver shells. The best part is that you can even incorporate real shells to create an eye-catching piece. A simple pearl shell pendant necklace is the best accessory for this summer.
  8. Statement jewelry – Statement silver jewelry is showcased in runaways, so when wearing such pieces, keep everything else subtle. This year, a collar necklace with a big gemstone in the center or sculpted earrings is the trend. Buy silver hoop earrings to get the classy look. For silver earrings and online shopping, consider an authentic seller offering a purity certification for the same. Gold Plated Round Bangles from Bibelot for a reasonable price and a huge variety and designs. 
  9. Chokers and necklaces – The beautiful chokers were trendy in the 90s, but they have again shown their appearances on the runways. Chokers nowadays are more elegant and classic. They come with a beautiful gemstone centerpiece that sits high on the collarbone. Gemstone chokers sit beautifully on your neck, giving you an elegant and sophisticated style. 

Silver matches everything in your closet, and you can easily pair it up with any of your looks. Whether you are having a pool party or going on a date, you can never go wrong with silver gemstone jewelry. If you want more beautiful jewelry pieces, visit Bibelot today and upgrade your style. 


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