SMS Marketing Companies

SMS Marketing Companies

SMS marketing is one of the most effective and accessible strategies available. With increase in competition, SMS marketing has become a need for almost all the types of business. If you are one who is planning to benefit from the SMS marketing services but confused whether you should really make use of these services or not, SMS marketing came into existence because people nowadays spend most of their time on their mobile phones. Lookout for the best SMS Marketing Company in your area today and enjoy the benefits of SMS marketing.

SMS marketing company can provide an almost-perfect engagement score, anytime and anywhere. That’s because consumers are more switched on than ever — people pick up their phones an average of 58 times a day.

SMS marketing refers to the act of sending promotional materials via text message. If you send a text message to your subscriber list saying, hurry!!! Here’s a sale come on and grab it,” that’s SMS marketing.

Primarily, SMS marketing is a tool you usually use to communicate offers and other information to our existing customers who have given permission to send them text messages.

Why do Companies today send SMS through marketing tools?

Today’s biggest marketing challenge is getting your product or service in front of your targeted audience. Information overload has our inboxes full to overflowing, and ads are so common on our social media accounts that we hardly notice them anymore. This is where SMS finds its advantage.

1. Reaching out to Millennial

SMS can be a useful marketing tool for reaching any age group, but it’s especially helpful when marketing to Millennials. More than five years ago, close to 80% of people aged 18 to 44 have their cell phones with or the whole day
Today, young adults and the youngest Millennials will not even remember a time when Phones weren’t part of their everyday lives. Phones aren’t simply communication tools for these generations. They’re an extension of their lives

2. People open texts faster than emails.

People are more likely open text messages and open them faster when compared to email. SMS messages have an average open rate of 98%, while email scores around a 20% average open rate. When someone does open and respond to an email, it takes an average of 90 minutes or more

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