Land survey is a mandatory step for successful land development plans. To complete this efficiently, one needs to locate a reliable and experienced survey company. Through their team of professionals, it is possible to adhere to all municipal bylaws, prevent encroachments and disputes, follow appropriate surveying needs, and a lot more.

If one is about to buy or sell a property, or indulge in some real estate deal for commercial, residential and other buildings, being able to zero down on a trustworthy survey company is already a win-win.

Follow the below mentioned 5 steps for choosing the best survey company in Calgary –

Step 1: Search For Local Survey Companies
The first and foremost step is to search for all the top ranking local survey companies in the area. One can screen through the locally available surveyor associations’ databases. In addition, getting some references from friends or networks is always great.

One can easily lay his or her hands on their contact information and how to reach out to them. If one does not have any prior experience in the real estate industry, contacting a nearby and reputed real estate agent is the best thing to do.

Step 2: Qualify Surveyors
From the large pool of surveyors gathered in the initial step, now is the time to de-select those who do not fit one’s intended criteria. For more details on what these criteria should be, here’s a quick glance at what to look out for –

1. Experience and expertise

2. Licences and Authorizations

3. Client testimonials

4. Turnaround times

Such criteria will help a person de-list the surveyor companies who do not seem trustworthy or reliable in service delivery.

Step 3: Contact The Selected Surveyors
Now that a short list of trustworthy and qualified surveyors is ready, it is a must to contact them for further information. This will help determine what type of survey is suitable for a particular size and type of property, and whether or not the prospective surveyor company offers that service. It is best advised to contact a company that has prior expertise in the required type of survey.

Some questions to be asked by the survey company at this stage –

1. What are the exact requirements for the project?

2. How much time is needed for project completion?

3. What is the cost associated with the land survey project?

4. Will there be any price fluctuations at later stages?

Step 4: Estimating Costs And Getting A Quote
Getting a quote is the next step now. This will help assess the financial burden the land survey is going to bring along. A comparison among prospective land survey companies can be easily done based on the price charged.

Factors such as size of the property, location and boundaries, type of property, travel costs, and certain others determine the actual costs of a land survey plan.

Step 5: Choosing The Best
Finalizing a land surveyor offering innovative solutions within budget with quick turnarounds is to be done now.

Your Choice Made Easy With Core Geomatics
CORE Geomatics is a trusted name when it comes to land surveying in Calgary. The company has a decade long diverse experience across western Canada. Empowered by state-of-the-art technologies, modern equipment and surveying techniques, its Calgary surveying company is everything you need for your next land surveying project.

Contact the team’s expert land surveyors for competitive surveying with fastest turnarounds today!

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