IGCSE curriculum

Before beginning pre-university education, candidates must have a well-known international credential, the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). It is a trademark that the University of Cambridge has registered. There are 5 minimum and 14 maximum subjects from which students can select. However, the most popular and obligatory disciplines for pupils are Science, Mathematics, and English. Cambridge International helps students in schools cultivate a lifelong love of learning and an informed curiosity. Here’s everything you should know about the Cambridge IGCSE curriculum and more. 


A brief on IGSCE Curriculum 

The University of Cambridge International Examinations created the IGCSE, an English language test and internationally recognized credential. The ICSE or CBSE board’s standard 10th-grade students take this exam.

As IGCSE is regarded as equal to GCSE in the UK, students who pass this test are entitled to apply for A-level credentials at US and UK institutions.


How is it different than other curriculums?

Unlike the CBSE or the ICSE board, the IGCSE is accepted by most universities overseas. Parents that have plans to relocate abroad frequently choose this board. One distinctive characteristic that sets IGSCE apart from the other boards is the ability of students to choose from several areas to study following their interests and skills. Also, know which is the best school in Bangalore?


Advantages of IGCSE:

The IGCSE curriculum’s most apparent benefit is how strongly it focuses on the needs of the students and trains them to be global citizens. Here are some other significant advantages:

  • An IGSCE-centered school encourages students to study independently, creatively, and with a love for lifelong learning.
  • They become involved in research early in life and learn about research ethics and methodologies.
  • A diverse curriculum guarantees that students may select disciplines that align with their interests and professional aspirations.
  • Students who wish to choose further education overseas will find it simpler to go forward. 


Curriculum Insights

Cambridge IGSCE curriculum offers over 70 disciplines, including 30 languages. It allows schools to equip whatever combinations their pupils would most benefit from. It inspires them to become lifelong learners with more opportunities for success abroad. Some of the offerings are listed below:

  1. Develop your capacity for critical thought.
  2. Learn to use your knowledge correctly in each scenario.
  3. Better future outcomes


Core Subjects

Some of the core subjects of the curriculum include English, Mathematics, Science, and Communication technology. Students can also choose a second language according to their preferences. 


IGCSE Results

The Cambridge IGCSE curriculum is graded from A* to G. It grades student performances using data and subjective evidence. Students have achieved exceptional outcomes since the program’s launch at GIIS Singapore, enhancing the institution’s standing as the top Cambridge international school. More than 700 students have completed A*s and As in seven courses throughout the years.


Why Choose It?

The IGCSE Curriculum aids students in preparing for entrance to foreign colleges with its application-based and more practical programs. The Cambridge assessment has been determined to provide a framework to help them, while the IGCSE Curriculum is meant to support both instructors and pupils. Adult learners and students in alternative education are also permitted to take the test. Additionally, certain Cambridge institutions let private pupils take the IGCSE test.

Additionally, the IGCSE Curriculum is adaptable and flexible due to the program’s emphasis on encouraging students to develop original materials and ideas. Students are supposed to analyze the material to gain a more profound comprehension while the lecturers supply the syllabus’s framework. Since kids do not have to sit down with a stack of notes to memorize, the IGCSE Curriculum is perfect for them. It is also intended for those eager to migrate and pursue further education abroad.


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