Some industrial locations don’t need regular cleaning; however, they still need to maintain a clean work environment. Usually, they hire a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning staff to help out with this aspect. Industrial cleaning company offers a wide range of service, ranging from floor cleaning, vacuuming, or even cleaning animal remains, as seen in meat processing factories.

Setting up good California industrial cleaning rentals requires proper planning and attention to detail. A properly set up company and a good business model will ensure a regular stream of customers.

Services you should include are warehouse floor cleaning machine rental, commercial floor cleaning equipment rental, floor sweepers rentals, and other Cleaning services. While these services should be included for a successful operation, it still requires proper planning to set up your business.

How to start an Industrial cleaning Rental company

Industrial cleaning is different from a house or office cleaning in that they sometimes work around heavy equipment or machine instead of carpeted floors. Here are some things you need when starting an Industrial cleaning rental company

Set a reasonable Budget for your business

Setting a budget requires answering vital questions like: Is this line of business expensive? How can I keep the cost down? The answers to these questions require money, but you can keep it within a reasonable amount.

When budgeting, there are many factors you need to consider. For instance, equipment maintenance cost, staff payment, and supplies replacement. All these will help you come up with a reasonable budget for your business.

Buy the right equipment

Since you will be dealing mostly with machines and warehouse floors, it is important to get the right equipment for the job. Sometimes, the company will provide cleaning equipment, and you just need your cleaning crew to be present. However, if the company does not own their equipment, you will be coming with yours.

Also, since you will be renting out equipment to other cleaning services or companies, it is important to have enough to make your business run smoothly. Some of the important equipment you should have includes a floor cleaner, floor sweeper, and floor scrubbers.

Apply for a California issued Business License and Liability Insurance

Applying for a state-issued business license and liability insurance is one of the first steps to establishing your business. Getting a business license is essential because you will be dealing with businesses rather than individuals as an industrial cleaning service. It is only right that they will want to see a license before entrusting their space to you.

Many companies will also prefer if you have business liability insurance. Getting one requires the expertise of an insurance company that deals in homeowners’ policies. They will be able to quote estimation for your business.

Apply for a Taxpayer or Employer Identification Number

These licenses are for tax purposes and are issued by the internal revenue service. Also, if you will be working alone, then you should get a taxpayer identification number, but if you will be hiring staff to work with you, then an employer identification number would be the best.

You can get your TIN or EIN by applying on the internal revenue service website or going to their office.

Define your services

There are many services you can offer under industrial cleaning service. Depending on the facility or warehouse, here are some of the services you can render to your client

  • Warehouse floor cleaning machine rentals

  • Industrial wall cleaning

  • Industrial plant clean

  • Commercial floor cleaning equipment rentals

  • Industrial tank cleaning

  • Industrial silo cleaning

  • Industrial exhaust system cleaning.

  • Industrial cleaning equipment transport

All these are services you can render. You need to indicate whether you want to deal in one of these services or offer it all.

Meet with potential clients

If you are just getting started, you can call warehouses or factories around your location and tell them about your services. You also need a business card to look more professional. It’s important that your business card contains all your contact information.


Starting a California industrial cleaning rental requires proper planning. It is easy to start one if you follow the steps above. Also, when meeting potential clients, discuss your services and cleaning experience.

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