Height safety and fall prevention experts offer a variety of height safety and fall prevention solutions comprising Roof Anchors, Fixed Ladders and Steps, Walkways and Platforms, Guard Rails, Overhead Rails, Static Lines and Roof Access Hatches. They also offer services of Height Safety Inspection, Height Safety Certification and Height Safety Audit. These experts are authorized by the local government and they are trained in this field. So they can easily provide you proper training and fall safety measurements to your employees, and you can save your employee’s life through these safety equipment provided by these experts.

Services offered by Height Safety and Fall Prevention Experts

Height Safety and Fall Prevention Experts provide respectable and dependable Height Safety systems and solutions to work sites. If you consult with their well-informed, highly-skilled and accredited group then they can provide you adequate safety measurements as the greatest Systems of Fall Protection and overall roof Height Safety. Systems of roof safety enable your employees to do work at height with self-assurance.

  • Height Safety and fall prevention expertsare committed to holding you safe irrespective of the height you are doing your work from. Beginning with ladder access through fixed ladders, the systems of height safety and roof safety can involve simple systems of fall arrest such as a roof platform or anchor points to systems of full fall restraint and fall arrest to make sure workers enjoy utmost and steadfast fall protection.
  • Height Safety and fall prevention expertsoffer High Safety Systems, Certifications, Inspections and Advice in any place. Even when someone falls from a moderate height, it can leave an employee with permanent and incapacitating injuries. This can be totally avoided, and that is why Height Safety experts come up with fervor for Height Safety, Fall Prevention, and delivering Safe Roof Access for every worker.

Different Types of Height Safety Solutions:

It is vital that you minimize the risk of workers when they are working at height. When you allow a worker to work on the height and access the roof of the building, you need to maintain all regulations about Height Safety, Fall Prevention and Fall Arrest. You must keep the workers safe, and make sure that you have installed and maintained Fall Prevention Systems, and your workers must get the proper height protection training to avoid all pertinent risks.

Anchor Points: The variety of Roof Anchor Points is possible to be installed to numerous roof types, and you can choose the Energy Absorbing Surface Mount Roof Anchor Points, Surface Mounted Abseil Roof Anchor Points, and masonry Roof Anchors according to your needs.

Stages and Walkways: The Roof Walkway and Platform Solutions furnish upkeep work force with a protected, safe, and slip safe picked walkway and territory of arriving for Roof Access.

Fixed Ladders and Steps: The variety of Fixed Ladders Systems incorporate portable ladders, fixed rung ladder, supports, caged ladder, platform ladders, static line ladders, and fold down ladders.

Static Lines: When continual connection to a fall-arrest system is required, the Static Lines Solutions provide the safest form of attachment.

Guard Rails: Intended to Australian Standards and well-suited to all types of roofs and applications, the Roof Guard Rails provide multipurpose and strong fall prevention.

Overhead Rail Systems: The Overhead Rail Systems enable clients to move from a vertical position to a flat position on one persistent framework without detaching.

Height Safety and fall prevention experts do much more than merely ensuring regulatory compliance. They are dedicated to safeguarding the workers who make use of the fall prevention systems. This is the reason why just the greatest quality products engineered as well as manufactured in Australia are utilized.

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