Several poultry owners will affirm that a solar powered chicken door is their favourite chicken coop accessory. At first glance, this may actually appear to be a very common device. However, this is a vital tool that helps to keep your chicken safe and sound. 

But that’s not all. This blog will discuss all you need to know about this timer chicken coop door. 

First, What Is an Auto Chicken Coop Door

An auto chicken coop door is a device used to open and close the door to your chicken’s home so that it can go out during the day and return at night, where they are safe and secured. You need this timer chicken coop door to open the shutter to the chicken coop early in the morning and close it properly at night. 

This healthy routine will also promote the best egg-laying conditions, especially during summer, while also being an obstacle to guarding your chickens against winter predators that might want to use them as snacks.

How Do Chickens Know When It Is Time to Go Back in the Coop?

Generally, chickens respond very fast to the sun. As the sun begins to set, somehow, they are smart enough to know that it is time to return to their safe and secure zone. 

As long as your chickens are accustomed to your coop, you don’t have to worry about them going out all day as they will always return to their coop before the solar powered chicken door closes after sundown. 

However, in situations where your chicken is not yet familiar with their coop, you may need to double check on them as the sun starts to set and figure out if they are on their way back to the poultry coop. 

If you have chickens that consider it a huge task to sleep in the coop, all you need is to pick them up and train them to do so. With time, they will adapt to the warmth, wonder, and beauty of their coop.

Do You Need to Reset the Timer on My Auto Door During Different Seasons?

Yes, you do. Poultry owners need to understand that it is in their best interest and that of the chickens to adjust the timer chicken coop door during different seasons to ensure that they correspond with each season’s sunrise and sunset times. 

You should note that the time frame at which you set it is average times that could vary across different seasons. Also, chickens take certain cues from the weather and can identify the best time to retire to their coop, especially during rainy days. 

Since chickens are also living creatures, they have the ability to adapt and change in a way that may not always fit into your own plans and expectation of how things should be. But now you have your solar powered chicken door, so there’s nothing to fear.  

When Should You Set Your Auto Door Time So It Opens and Closes?

Depending on the current season and the location you find yourself, you will need to put a few factors in place before you set your auto door time. First, you need to conduct some grass root research into your flocks to figure out what they are up to before the sun goes down. 

Although older chickens are used to returning to their coop to rest compared to younger chickens, this is not always the case. It is always better to figure out for yourself what your chickens might be up to before setting your timer chicken coop door.

During the Day

As a rule, the best time to set your solar powered chicken door timer to open is 30 minutes before the usual time your chickens get up. This will ensure that your chicken has all the opportunity they need to get those important hours in the sun so they can actually lay at their peak.

After Sunset

Here the goal is to set the timer chicken coop door to close. We recommend you give your chickens at least an hour to return after the sun sets. If you don’t put in the extra time to ensure they are all back, one of your chickens may end up spending their entire night in the cold. 


Although chickens are tasty snacks for a lot of predators, ensure you have your solar powered Chicken door to keep them safe even when there is no electricity. 

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