Ahegao hoodie

Our hoodie is made of 390g/sqm 100% organic cotton, a heavyweight that makes it particularly warm and durable.

It has tactile loops on the reverse to lessen pilling and give the skin a gentler sensation.

The clothing has been pre-washed before shipping in order to reduce washing-induced shrinkage and stop any color bleeding.

With herringbone tape and adjustable drawstrings, the hoods are cleanly constructed, amply scaled, and double-layered. Ahegao Faces

Our hoodies are available in fifteen sizes, four colors, and zip-up and pullover styles.

To reduce any extra bulk on our straight-fit sweatshirt, we purposefully cut off the noteworthy pouch pocket while still leaving two side pockets for our zip-up design.

We added cozy ribbed trimmings to the cuffs and hem to maintain the warmth for chilly days.

The Hoodie is made to last, just like other ASKET items, so you may wear it year after year.


The XS-XL size range cannot possibly accommodate 3.5 billion males.

Therefore we made the decision to redesign clothing sizing. More body shapes will be able to find the same perfect fit thanks to our 15-Tier system.

There are three length options available for each normal size (XS-XL): Long, Regular, and Short. Examine the sizes.


Our hoodie is constructed from a specially created, unbrushed fabric that is comprised entirely of organic cotton fibers.

Ring spinning gives the yarn a smoother hand feel and a straight fit. Unbrushed loopback, used to make the inner, provides the best comfort, pill resistance, and warmth.


Before being delivered to Portugal, where the fabric is knitted together before being cut, stitched, and completed into a Hoodie, the cotton for the garment is grown and ginned in Turkey and India.


There is no extra intermediary or exorbitant markup. We just set the garment’s pricing to reflect the cost of the fabric and the labor involved in manufacturing it. Also, we include a little margin to cover operating expenses so that we may continue to provide our clients with clothing they love.

Everything in our clothing is jointly created with our consumers. Instead of continually reinventing the wheel, our permanent collection allows us to accept input, listen, and create, assess, and improve our clothes over time.

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