How Shirodhara Treatment Helps In Migraine?

Day by day, natural remedies are replacing chemical ones. It’s because people today are more well-informed and aware that there are some serious illnesses and health problems for which there is no alternative effective treatment. Shirodhara head massage is the most effective method of hair health care among all other methods.

Shiro, which means “head,” and dhara, which means “continuous flow,” are two Sanskrit concepts that are the source of the name of this treatment method. Therefore, throughout this specific therapy, therapeutic oil is continuously sprayed into your head.

Who should go for this treatment?

Shirodhara Treatment
Shirodhara Treatment

This therapy is perfect for people with psychological problems like depression, headaches, tension, worry, stress, and anxiety. This oil is useful in treating post-traumatic stress disorder because it contains a few nervine botanicals.

It is crucial in stimulating the pineal gland and encouraging the release of the hormone melatonin, which promotes sleep. Thus, a Shirodhara head massage is absolutely an excellent option for someone seeking to cope with a restless night.

How is the Shirodhara treatment offered?

Ayurveda claims that performing the Shirodhara therapy in the morning will produce the optimum results. The body is abhyangamed to start this process. You must first lay down before having 2 liters of lukewarm medicinal oil poured over your forehead. The pouring process oscillates in a manner similar to a stream flowing. The entire process will take 60 minutes. In essence, the patient’s health status determines how long the treatment will last.

If the patient chooses Shirodhara therapy for hair loss, a brief head massage is also performed before the procedure begins. Because this region has many nerve endings and is regarded as being extremely sensitive, oil is poured there. The oil will perform its exceptional function in improving blood flow to the brain and reducing migraines by vasodilating the channels. The entire process will assist in achieving a state of relaxation comparable to that experienced during meditation for the nervous system.

The benefits of this treatment

Shirodhara therapy is excellent for calming the nervous system, mending it, and regulating blood flow as well. Both sleeplessness and eye burning are efficiently treated by it. It enhances the condition of the digestive system and controls the body’s natural metabolism. In addition to improving the texture of the hair, it shields it from early greying.

Know some post-treatment guidelines

Several recommendations are available for you to consider after Shirodhara for hair loss. These will use the oil to work deep within, giving you the greatest outcome possible. The shampoo is required and adding water after shampooing is recommended. It will guarantee effective hair cleansing.

Caffeinated beverage consumption should be avoided as it will negatively affect the nervous system. For drinking, warm water must be utilized. Oily food should be avoided, along with a light diet. Check the Best Naturopathy Center in Haryana to get the best treatments for your migraine.

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