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Learn how each social network may help you reach your target audience while establishing a social media marketing strategy. This article describes some of the biggest and best app for social media marketing in the world.

Notes on the article’s sources: The number of monthly active users is derived from Statista and Hootsuite’s Digital 2022 Update; however, it is also confirmed and updated as necessary with the platforms themselves.

You now have access to the best app for social media marketing for social media marketers.



Facebook is the most advanced channel for free and paid social marketing, in addition to being the largest social network in the world.

Users use Facebook to remain in contact with friends, family, and the news through a variety of shared content (everything from written updates to live video and ephemeral Facebook Stories.)

Active brands on the network may use organic content for brand awareness or social customer service to foster connections. In addition, advertisers may use Facebook’s user data to target future customers with appropriate advertising.

Facebook has increased its emphasis on online shopping through Facebook Shops.



YouTube is not universally regarded as a significant social media network. It is equally comfortable being referred to as a video platform, the world’s second-largest search engine.

YouTube advertising that appears before or during original videos is not dissimilar to television advertisements for well-known companies with strong marketing departments.

During this time, it is essential for companies to create their own YouTube channels and publish original videos to comply with the YouTube algorithm, which needs a combination of skill, strategy, money, and luck.

However, there is also an opportunity for success: In conclusion, the entry barrier for do-it-yourself marketers is somewhat higher since YouTube involves video (typically long-form video), which requires time, money, and ability (or preferably all three).



Instagram, once a basic photo-sharing service, has become one of the best social networking app in terms of social business in recent years.

Alongside astrological memes and latte art, Instagram has developed into a virtual shopping mall with a range of features designed to assist firms in selling things, ideally appealing ones.

Even if the emergence of temporary, live, and video content has altered the importance of a polished Instagram feed, brands should remember that a strong visual identity is still essential on Instagram (also known as Stories, Reels, Instagram Live, and Instagram Video).



TikTok is unquestionably one of the best social networking app on our list. Since it has only been operational since 2017, its quick growth is impressive. In 2020, however, it was the most downloaded app worldwide.

TikTok is a website for sharing short films using an algorithm that is extremely captivating. It has a significant impact on youth and Generation Z.

In the fall of 2020, for example, it eclipsed Instagram as the second-most popular social media platform among American teens. It is presently competing with Snapchat for the top slot.



Despite being the most popular messaging app worldwide, WhatsApp is the third most popular social app overall. In fact, it just won a referendum for the title of the world’s most popular social networking app (though the survey excluded users in China.)

Numerous North Americans would be astonished to find that WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular social media services.

Since its acquisition by Facebook for $19 billion in 2014, WhatsApp has mostly remained a messaging and calling service. (And without advertisements, unlike Facebook Messenger.)

One of WhatsApp’s 50 million businesses gets daily messages from 175 million users in 180 countries.

The most attractive characteristics of WhatsApp for such businesses are its capacity to expedite customer service conversations and present product catalogues.

According to a recent Facebook statement, however, companies using the WhatsApp Business Platform will find it easier to develop Facebook and Instagram advertisements that allow users to “click to WhatsApp” to initiate conversations on the app.

Using this app for social media posts may make sense for companies whose clientele are already WhatsApp users.



Tencent’s WeChat is the first non-North American app on this list (or Weixin, in China). Due to China’s prohibitions on American social media sites, the Chinese social ecosystem is booming.

WeChat is the most popular social network in China, yet it provides more than simply text messaging. Users are able to interact through chat, video conversations, WeChat Pay transactions, government services, ridesharing services, and more. 73% of Chinese survey respondents reported having used WeChat during the preceding month.

By the end of 2020, 88% of American firms with operations in China anticipate that Donald Trump’s planned ban on WeChat would have a negative impact on their operations and result in a loss of revenue. It did not occur.

WeChat marketing, whether its advertising, influencer campaigns, in-app e-commerce, or the creation of a mini-app inside WeChat, will be a key first step for businesses seeking to expand their operations in China.



Even while just 21% of Americans use Twitter, despite its relatively small user base, 90% of Americans are familiar with the platform. Due to this and a dynamic community of politicians, journalists, celebrities, and comedians, the social media for blogging continues to punch beyond its weight, especially in North America (and Japan, where it is the number one platform).

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