set up rockspace wifi extender

Are you looking to install a Rockspace WiFi extender but not familiar with the procedure? Do not worry! This guide will help you set up the range extender smooth method. Let’s start with Re.rockspace.local!

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Rockspace WiFi Extender Setup – Complete Guide

Unwrap Your Extender

Begin by wrapping the extender. Be sure to get it in a proper manner from its box, and avoid causing hardware damage to it.

Place the Extender

The proper location for the Rockspace WiFi extender is an important role. It should be placed within the same space where your router is at the beginning of the installation. In the future, however, you are able to change the position of the device to the requirements of your WiFi.

Power up the Device

Pick a power socket that is functional that is compatible with the Rockspace WiFi extender and connect it to it. Once you have done that, switch the power button on the socket to the ON position. Then, let the power LED on the device change to blue.

Connect the Extender to the Router

The next step is to keep an Ethernet cable as well as connect the router to the extender using the aid of it. Make sure that you connect your devices in the correct method. Incorrect connections could lead you into a mess of troublesome configurations.

Open a Web Browser

When you are done, the time you’re finished connected to your device, gain access to your computer and launch the web browser. You should select the web browser that’s up-to-date with the most recent software version and not have a junk cache and cookies.

Follow On-Screen Prompts and You’re Done!

When you’ve completed the above steps, certain prompts will appear on the screen. Follow the prompts exactly similar to what they were followed and you can complete the Rockspace extender configuration process without any difficulty.

The Concluding Thought

This article will explain how to configure to set up your Rockspace wifi range extender with re.rockspace.local. We wish you satisfaction with the entire procedure and get started connecting to the internet on every device you own Re.rockspace.local in a non-lag manner. Send a note of appreciation in the comment section if you’re pleased with the post.

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