Few things can ruin your day like getting pulled over by the police and being told that you have to scrap your car immediately because it’s not legal to drive it anymore. Luckily, we make the process of scrapping your car as easy as possible so you can get back to enjoying your day with as little headache as possible. Here’s how it works…

How it Works

3skrotpriser is an online service that makes it easy to scrap your car. We know the process can be a hassle, so we do all the paperwork for you and take care of everything from start to finish. Simply enter your car’s information into our system and we’ll arrange for the scrap pick-up. You can even track the status of your car from start to finish! If you have any questions or need some help, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to assist.

What We Need from You

We have got the perfect solution for you. You can now scrap your car and only have to do the paperwork. Simply call our hotline and give us a list of your car’s information and a few photos of it, we’ll do the rest. We offer free paper work if you live in Copenhagen or nearby municipalities, making it as easy as possible for you to scrap your car. With Skrot din bil there are no hidden fees or charges: we simply take care of all costs including the dismantling of the vehicle and removing any hazardous waste that may be found onboard.

What to Expect

3skrotpriser is a company that does the paperwork for you. They have three different prices for scrapping your car. We have translated the information about 3skrotpriser into English below: Skrot din bil is an easy way to scrap your car with 3skrotpriser. You just sign up on their website and they will come get it from your home or work, or wherever you want. You don’t need to know anything about cars and there are no hidden fees or costs.


What are the steps for scraping my car?

-Call Skrot din bil and ask them to send a tow truck to your location.

-The tow truck will pick up your car, take it to a scrapyard, and remove all of its parts.

-Skrot din bil will let you know when the vehicle has been scrapped.

-You can then apply for the refund from Skrot din bil by filling out an application form. The application is available online or in any Skrot din bil branch.

-When applying for the refund you need to provide:

-Your identification number, which is shown on your driver’s license or passport (if not Swedish) or if you have no driver’s license or passport we need to see one other piece of identification that shows both your name and address.

-A copy of the scrapping certificate issued by Skrot din bil that certifies that we have scrapped your car in accordance with applicable legislation on disposal of vehicles with regard to environmental protection and public health.

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