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Safety Advice for Women Traveling Alone in India. Be it Delhi Darshan or any one day trip.

  1. Make a hotel reservation in advance after reading online evaluations, and don’t rely on taxi or auto drivers to take you to their preferred motel.
  2. START SMALL: Begin by visiting only close locations, and once you’ve gained some experience, only then plan solo travels to more distant locations.
  3. Allowing cabbies to pick up ‘friends’ is not a good idea. Make sure you and the driver are the only ones in the car.
  4. Prior to driving through cities and towns, study the routes on maps and keep your smartphone navigation turned on.
  5. Do as much sightseeing as you can during the day, then retire to your hotel for the night. If you’re strolling in the dark, stick with a couple or family.
  6. Keep someone up to date on your vacation plans and current location.
  7. Learn a few words in the local language, as conversing with people in their own tongue deters criminals.
  8. Depending on where you’re going, you should dress appropriately.
  9. If you feel threatened, don’t be scared to call for help.
  10. Keep the number 100 in your phone’s speed dial.
  11. Many people can smell fear and vulnerability, so walk boldly.
  12. For safety concerns, expect to pay a little more for your lodging.
  13. In your bag, keep a can of pepper spray.
  14. When walking down the street, avoid looking at your phone, especially if it appears to be expensive, or even a map, as these can reveal your tourist status. Furthermore, many criminals target smartphones in particular. Step inside a store if you really need to see the phone or the map.
  15. Spend time with other females. Choose an all-female hostel or dorm, seat next to a female on a bus or other public transportation, and join a female-only social media group, especially if the members know where you’re going.

16.Yes, we all like to party, but don’t drink so much that you can’t stand up straight. Always enjoy responsibly so that you are aware of what is going on around you.

  1. Take a tiny backpack with only what you need instead of a huge luggage because you won’t be able to flee with the weight if you get into problems. Additionally, leave all of your valuables in your hotel room.
  2. Do not keep all of your money in one location. Divide it up into bags or purses, and only take what you believe you’ll need for the day’s adventure.
  3. Keep your luggage on the front, not the back, and your phone out of your pocket in crowded venues like bazaars or metro trains. Place it inside the bag as well.
  4. Learn how to defend yourself.
  5. Everyone lies, and it almost always pays off. If a stranger asks if you’re alone in town, look them in the eyes and tell them you’re not.
  6. Purchase travel insurance so that you can minimise the damage if you are robbed.
  7. It’s possible that you’ll have to rely on strangers for directions or ideas on what to do in the area. However, if you suspect the stranger is trying to harm you, find a method to get out of the conversation. Pretending to be on the phone usually works.
  8. Before you leave on your trip, do some research on the internet to learn about the most typical methods to get scammed.
  9. Above all, keep your wits about you. Only go on travels you know you can handle on your own, and don’t become too dependent on others too fast.

By Sonu Kumar Singh

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