What is Rove Vape Pen?

Rove vape pen is a portable vaporizer designed and manufactured by Rove. It is known for its effectiveness when using organic cannabis oil.

Behind rove vape pens and cartridges, rove vape prides itself on being a leading player in the production of extravagant vape products. 100% cannabis is used for the production of cannabis, organically grown and obtained from reliable farms in their collective system.

The Best Rove cartridges Price are filled with oil extracted with subcritical liquid carbon dioxide to produce a golden finished product loaded into the cartridge. Rove provides you with a range of CO2 oils that have different strain profiles.

You get a fresh taste that’s perfect for the morning when you want to start your day on a high note. This freshness is due to the fact that most of these oils are Sativa strains.

Features of Rove Vape Pen

  • High quality compact pen with great design that is very easy to use
  • Refillable 1ml organic oil cartridge for ultimate vaping enjoyment
  • Variable battery voltage for ultimate temperature control 350mAh battery
  • Capacity to give you power for longer vaping
  • 510 thread on battery to give you the freedom to use other cartridges 510
  • The cartridge has a glass window that allows you to see how much oil is left in the cartridge.

Rove vape pen design

From the outside, the Robe vape pen looks like one of the elegant fountain pens that come with a hard material body. The pen has a smooth black finish with white lettering ROVE.

There is a silver color button in the center to turn the device on and off and control the temperature. For such a quality pen, you can expect it to be heavier than other pens due to the glass cartridge and metal battery.

With the included case, you can carry the pen with you with peace of mind for a decent usability anywhere you go.

When you turn on the device, the button has a surrounding indicator light that lights up to indicate that the device is active. When the device is turned off, the indicator also turns off.

This indicator is very important, as it helps to protect the battery from damage during prolonged use. The cartridge is made of pure glass with a ceramic coil.

In addition, a glass window lets you see how much oil is left in the unit so you can change or top up as you see fit.

Rove does a lot more than just give you a good vape oil experience; you get to enjoy 100% organic cannabis oil that will keep you going from session to session. The oils in these cartridges guarantee you the best buzz you’re looking for.

The 510 threaded cartridges also have a mouthpiece mounted on it. It’s also good if you remember that the device’s charging system also has a 510 thread, which makes it easy for you to keep the device up and running.

Rove vape cartridges

Rove originally started with organic oil cartridges, which was a good selling point for their flagship products. The vape pen was later introduced to complement the efficiency of the device and the quality of the brand.

The rove vape cartridges are filled with cannabis oils with a THC percentage of 70 and above. Such high levels of THC produce some of the most significant vapor clouds that intrigue people who are attracted to large clouds.

The cartridge itself is made of high quality Pyrex glass combined with stainless steel. Ceramic and pa atomizer through the air channel system is equipped with a bottom flow, which guarantees you the right flow and taste.

The cartridge combined with rove’s satisfying 350mAh battery life will give you a portable and discreet option for hash oil vaping wherever you are.

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