Rigid presentation boxes have become hugely popular presentation packaging solutions in the manufacturing and retail industry. These boxes are highly useful for a wide range of products such as CDs, DVDs, films, brochures, manuals, flyers and much more. Rigid box styles come in different shapes and sizes to suit every need. These boxes can be bought ready-made or fabricated to your exact specifications. Some of the most popular rigid box designs include:

Magnetic Lid Rigid box packaging options that feature a magnetic strip or magnetic lid. This type of packaging is excellent for presenting DVD’s and CD’s because it provides protection from dust and water. The magnetic lid ensures that the delicate disc contents do not damage. Should the disc become damaged the magnetic lid can be quickened to the case with out having to remove the disc or insert the other type of media. A thin sheet of film protects the DVD or CD from scratches and therefore is perfect for giving as a promotional or quality marketing gift.

Custom Rigid Boxes If you need to provide your own special touch to a product or service you may be able to use custom rigid packaging. If you wish to supply a client with a high-quality product but lack the time or expertise needed to create the box yourself, you may be able to purchase this service from a supplier. When ordering custom rigid boxes you should provide the following information for the provider to quote you correctly: Shapes – rigid box style should be a minimum of six inches wide, oval or round; Materials used – choose a premium quality paper to avoid tearing and creasing. Lid thickness – your supplier should be able to provide you with a quote based on the number of lids you require.

Chipboard Lids A chipboard rigid box is a unique design that enables its users to quickly and easily see what’s inside. There are two types of chipboards – the top coated chipboard and the bottom coated chipboard. Both types can be easily printed with inkjet printers and will print both text and images. Printing the images is not necessary as the images can be printed onto regular paper.

Partially finished rigid boxes Although chipboard boxes are an expensive product due to their high manufacturing costs, they have one huge advantage over paperboard boxes – they don’t need to have a full or partial finish applied. Partially finished rigid boxes can still be sealed and packaged for sale although the images will not be visible. There is a slight difference between sealed and partially finished packaging but these are beyond the scope of this article. The advantage of partially finished packaging is that it has a professional appearance and although the images may not be as bright as those printed on paperboard boxes, they are much less likely to warp.

Blue Box Packaging An alternative to the slightly more expensive rigid boxes that can be bought in standard sizes and shapes is the blue box packaging. These are made from a polyurethane material that looks similar to wrapping paper. They are designed to withstand shipping stress and for this reason, should be able to handle very heavy goods. Because they are designed to look like the packaging of common products they are often used for food products and cosmetic products.

The main benefit of using the blue box packaging is that it can have a thicker inner chipboard finish applied. The thicker inner chipboard finish will help the product stand up to shipping pressure. If the packaging is damaged during shipping the thick inner layer can be removed and replaced without having to send the whole thing back for recycling. If you need to send items that do not have a thick enough chipboard finish then simply replace the chipboard before sending the item. This way you won’t have to send your item back to the manufacturer to obtain a new one.

Because rigid boxes and chipboard can be used for any shape and size, they are very effective for use with custom packaging solutions. Some of the best custom packaging options available use rigid boxes and chipboard for their edge protection. For example, some people use rigid boxes which have a double-layered cardboard outer layer. The middle layer has a thin but uniform thickness which makes the product easier to handle and thicker cardboard layers are used to help the product stand up to shipping pressure. Some custom packaging solutions can be quite heavy, so extra help is needed. The advantage of using these rigid boxes and chipboard is that they are ideal for getting heavier goods to a specified destination.

3 Key Factors You Should Consider When Packing Products in a Rigid Box

Custom rigid packaging solutions enable businesses to reap maximum benefits by utilizing the best form of packaging material available. The solutions are made by packing machine based companies that specialize in producing custom boxes at the lowest possible cost. They also provide the assistance required to help you achieve the results you desire. The products they pack are ideal for shipping purposes, and can be customized with any information you may need such as your company logo, contact details, brand name, and even a photo.

When it comes to choosing the right custom rigid box manufacturers, you need to choose a company with experience in the field. Look for manufacturers that have been in the business for quite some time, as this indicates that they have a good understanding of what they’re dealing with. Ideally, the manufacturing company should be able to provide you with a portfolio of their work, and if possible, a sample of the packaging material they’ve used in the past.

Another factor that you ought to look for when choosing the right custom rigid box packaging manufacturer is the variety of materials they offer. Different types of packaging are available, such as polyboxes, ribbons, corrugated boxes, and eco-friendly packaging options. Make sure the firm you choose can offer you a comprehensive variety of packaging so that you can customize your orders as per your specific requirements. A good firm will also offer you various customizations to make sure that you’re getting a cohesive feel for your products.

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