Reverse Clamshell Exercise

Although reverse clamshells may sound like a cheesy dance routine, they are the best exercise for boosting the gluteus medius, a small but powerful muscle in your glutes.

The tiny, deep muscle outside your glutes, called the gluteus medius. Is essential for turning your hip and extending your leg away from your torso. You can lower your chance of injury and avoid low back discomfort by strengthening this muscle.

What Is A Reverse Clamshell? 

It is a side-lying exercise for strengthening the glutes and improving hip mobility with the knees bent. As you elevate your top foot and calf and spin your top hip inward, it targets your gluteus medius.

Reverse Clamshells Work On Which Muscles?

Reverse clamshells exercise the internal hip rotation that occurs when the thigh rotates in the direction of the midline, which is the imaginary line that separates the two halves of your body. Your gluteus medius will get stronger from this motion.

What’s The Difference Between A Clamshell And A Reverse Clamshell? ​

In a classic clamshell, you lift your upper knee while keeping your feet together, but the beginning posture is the same as in a reverse clamshell.

How To Do Reverse Clamshell Exercise?

Place your left side down. Hips perpendicular to the floor should be stacked with the right hip over the left. The knees should be 90 degrees bent.

This is where everything begins. Raise your right foot as comfortably as you can while keeping your knees close together. After holding for one beat, go back to the beginning position. Complete all your repetitions with your left foot on top, switch sides, and repeat.

Who May Perform This Exercise?

All fitness levels will benefit from this workout, but those looking to strengthen their glutes should try it. You can perform it anyplace because it doesn’t require any special equipment.

What Are The Benefits Of Reverse Clamshell Exercise? 

Following are some advantages of doing reverse clamshell exercise:

Internal Hip Rotation Exercises:

The reverse clamshell exercise incorporates internal hip rotation, which occurs when your thigh bone bends and your upper leg rotates toward your pelvic center. It is crucial to enhance this motion since it is what your hips use when you walk, run, and participate in sports.

Isolates Your Working Hip: 

It can be challenging to isolate just one hip during other workouts that focus on internal hip rotation, which may, despite your best efforts, cause your other hip to rotate to assist outwardly. But by pressing that other hip into the floor during the reverse clamshell exercise, it becomes immobile. You can only rotate your upper leg’s hip in this posture, which isolates the action you seek to practice.

Helpful For Low Back and Rib Pain:

You’ll start to feel your gluteus medius burn after only a few repetitions of this exercise. This muscle’s strength can aid in reducing low back and rib pain discomfort. According to research, back discomfort is more common in persons with a weaker gluteus medius.

Benefits of Exercise

A modified variation of the clamshell exercise that targets the inner thighs and helps to sculpt and tighten the muscles is the reverse clamshell. Additionally, this exercise helps to stabilize the pelvic muscles and strengthens the outer thighs and glutes.

Reps And Sets

Perform 1 to 3 sets of 30 seconds on each side. You can carry a weight on the outside of your top hip or wrap a resistance band around both of your legs if you want to focus on your outer thighs.

Calorie Expended

Enter your weight and the length of the exercise to determine how many calories you will burn performing the reverse clamshell:

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