spring suspension

Air spring suspension systems are commonly seen these days. Whether it’s for luxury vehicles, racing cars, or other vehicles, they have one suspension system there. Truth is, it is so common that you may almost forget its existence. Yet, if a car has no suspension systems installed, you’ll find it miserable to enjoy your vehicle travel. So if your air spring suspension system breaks down and needs replacement, vigorairride.com is able to give you optional ideas.

The major purpose of an air suspension system in a vehicle is to offer you a smooth and pleasant vehicle ride. If it weren’t for air spring suspension systems, travels would definitely be much bumpier. Since there’re various sorts of air spring suspension systems available, you may find it difficult to pick an appropriate one. Thus we present some tips for you to select a suitable air spring suspension system.

spring suspension

Time to replace your air spring suspension

Though air springs are more durable than conventional suspensions, yet they normally last for about 5 years. It depends on the quality of your air springs and how often you use it. All automobile components suffer from normal tear and wear. So when is it necessary to replace the parts? There are several warning signs that may occur:

  1. A faulty compressor. Just like other parts, it is inevitable that a compressor malfunctions gradually. You can detect a faulty compressor yourself easily: the vehicle height is riding lower. Strange noises also suggest a compressor problem.
  2. Air spring leaks. The rubber components in the air spring suspension system will deteriorate after years. When tears lead to holes, of course, it leaks. When you’re experiencing a bumpier ride than usual, chances are that there might be an air leak. Also, if your air compressor is constantly running, it means it’s leaking. Because it works to keep a certain pressure as the air springs are properly inflated. In addition, your vehicle will obviously sag on the side where the leaking air spring is.
  3. Extensivemoisture. Physical damage like rust indicates there’s too much moisture in the compressed air in your air springs. Extensive moisture can lead to poor overall suspension performance: riding lower or sagging.

Minor problems may lead to severe damage eventually. So, in order to prevent complete system failure, you’d better replace your air suspension when even one single problem occurs. You can either replace certain parts or even get a brand new set of the system.

OEM or aftermarket suspension solution

Which one do you prefer, OEM or aftermarket model? It depends.

When trying to find the right air suspension kits for your vehicle, OEM air spring suspension is always a good choice. All you need to do is to dial the number and contact the automaker customer service. Give them your vehicle make, model and year. Without doubt, you’ll find out if such kind of air spring suspension is available in no time. If they happen to be out of stock, you can try the aftermarket instead.

Auto aftermarket serves as an essential component supplier for customers, especially when it’s an OEM phase-out product. Aftermarket enables customers to find almost any kinds of suspension system components that are compatible with their models. That’s what they do. Professional aftermarket products are just as good as OEM products.

Whether OEM or aftermarket, you should double check the compatibility of car makes and models.

Different types of air suspension for different vehicles

As you know, air spring suspension comes in different types. Each of these air suspensions matches certain kind of vehicle and fulfills demands of different customers. When you need to replace your spring suspension system, it’s better to know its kind.

Rubber bellows air springs, sleeve-style air springs and coil spring airbags are 3 common vehicle suspensions. Let’s see how these 3 suspension systems suit different vehicles.

Rubber bellows air springs, for example, are generally installed in towing vehicles, 4WD trucks and off-road SUVs. The major reason is that this air spring suspension system is able to bear more vehicle loads at higher PSI pressure.

For another one, sleeve style air springs are usually for lighter loads and adjusting the ride height. Unlike the other two, coil spring airbags suspension is inserted inside the factory-installed coil spring. Airbags or air springs give additional supports to help take some of the stress off the coil springs. It aims for better stability and better distribution of the weight of the vehicle loads.

Fix your air suspension problems

Once you notice that there’s something wrong with your air suspension system, you’d better solve it immediately. Calling the customer service for professional help is the quickest and easiest way. But some components are not available anymore from OEM, which happens quite often.

Under such condition, aftermarket is a life saver. Don’t hesitate to find a professional one. They can remove your problems as soon as possible. After checking the aftermarket, you can either hire a pro to have it fixed or do it yourself. Depending on your expertise, you can install the new air spring suspension yourself. That being said, I have to remind you that you will need to drill holes to mount the compressor, manifold and tank. So a car or light-duty truck may have problem with space and noise problems when you try to install it.

If you are a gear head, you might save a fortune by doing it yourself. Moreover, you can even convert your coil spring suspension system to an air spring suspension system. However, we highly recommend you to consult a professional for advice before you start.


Well, if your vehicle suspension system starts to give poor performance, go figure out which part goes wrong first. Then contact your vehicle customer service or some aftermarket professional to solve that problem. Seriously, you know you can’t stand a vehicle ride experience without the stability, safety and comfort an air spring suspension system presents. Without a proper suspension system, you’d likely need a chiropractic appointment after a long road trip. No kidding. That could cause health problems. Air suspension is reliable alternative to level up your ride comfort.

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