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Field Sales Management and Field Marketing connect brands with consumers at the grass-root level. While some of its aspects overlap with merchandising, field sales is a distinct area for retailers to focus on. It is centred on customer interaction, products promotion, and creating a ‘sales buzz’ on site. The purported site could include:-

  • Shop Floor/Inside the Retail Store
  • Customer’s doorstep during door-to-door sales
  • Public Events/Trade Fairs
  • Promotions at Offices and College Campuses

Field Sales Management and Marketing Campaigns

There are different types of field marketing campaigns based on your industry and the specific products/services you are selling. Some businesses opt to recruit and groom their own in-house personnel for field marketing. The common professionals involved in these activities include Field Marketing Representatives, Field Marketing Managers, and Brand Ambassadors. A large number of start-ups today are keen on outsourcing their field marketing requirements. Specialist Agencies in Field Sales Management have amassed years of experience and their expertise can work wonders for your brand. Before we explore the benefits of effective field sales management and marketing campaigns, let us understand their categories:-

  • Product Demonstrations and Free Sampling
  • This is usually a big hit in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and the F&B (Food and Beverage) Industries.
  • Festive Stalls/Promotional Tables- This could be set up inside the store or at certain events. This is a common field sales activity for selling seasonal/festive merchandise.
  • In-Store Brand Promotion- Designated brand representatives stand next to their products aisle at retail stores. They speak to interested customers and explain the relevant products under the brand. They play an important role in up-selling, cross-selling, bundled-selling, and also collect relevant customer feedback for their database.
  • Guerrilla Marketing- These field marketing activities target customers when they expect the least, heralding a sudden burst of excitement. The Amazon Tea Cart is one such noteworthy example.

How can Field Sales Management chalk your Brand Success Story?

Field Sales and Marketing Campaigns can be monumental for your brand’s success. Here are 6 winning field marketing strategies:-

  1. Structured Questionnaires
  2. When your in-store brand representatives have the opportunity to interact with customers, equip them with well-researched questionnaires. Random and generic customer feedback is not going to be of any value to your brand. Strategic questionnaires and audits can yield valuable data-driven insights to businesses to streamline their marketing campaigns in the right direction.
  3. In-Store Sampling– Free sampling is a sure-shot way to attract customers. Particularly for food and beverage products, this field marketing strategy can provide a big push to your brand sales. An important point to remember here is that product sampling should essentially be in-bound and never forced upon customers.
  4. Retail Merchandising– Some marketers consider merchandising to be separate from field sales. But the truth is that in the retail industry, both of these are closely related and often interchangeable. Some important retail merchandising tactics for triggering higher sales include:-
  • An enticing store window display
  • Well-illuminated product aisles with attractive, lucid signage
  • Bundling low-performing products with your bestsellers to increase their sale
  • Impulse-selling at the checkout counter
  • Informing customers about upcoming sales and offers to induce repeat visits
  1. Event Marketing– This field marketing strategy aims at providing an exceptional experience to prospective customers. It includes buzz-worthy events like lucky draws, roping in clowns/cartoon characters to attract kids, and flash sales, to heighten engagement levels. Event marketing aims at catering to the sensory experiences of your target audience to entice them into buying.
  2. Well-Trained Brand Representatives– A major chunk of brand reps in various retail outlets today are clueless about customer needs. Before putting them out in the field to interact with customers, you need to groom and train them thoroughly. From avoiding pushy selling to building long-term customer relations, in-store brand ambassadors have massive potential to reinvigorate your brand.
  3. Efficient Technology and Databases– The retail sector is embracing data science, analytics, and sales pipelines tools to compete in the ruthlessly competitive digital age. Using the right Customer Data Platform helps in understanding the customer journey and aligning your services to cater to them.


Despite the advent of digital marketing and other modern-day promotional activities, field sales management has retained its significance all along. Field Marketing offers an excellent opportunity for brands to portray a lasting impression, whilst triggering sales on the spot. When harnessed properly, it can provide excellent ROI and brand recognition.

By Russell Crowe

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