astectomy bras are designed to provide support for women who have undergone a mastectomy. They at 200 Pharmacy & Medical Supplies always emphasize to our customers when they are not yet fully convinced about buying a mastectomy bra in Chicago is that the bras are not just about comfort, but also to have dignity and confidence in appearance. The following benefits will convince you why it is important to wear this type of bra after the surgery.

Superior Comfort

Mastectomy bras provide superior support and comfort. The compression in a mastectomy bra helps reduce swelling and speeds up the healing process. The shoulder straps also provide a level of comfort to the women who have undergone surgery.


Some mastectomy bras in Chicago are designed with pockets where you can put in your own prosthesis if needed. This gives you more versatility with the type of clothing you can wear. Also, There is no limit to how much movement you make when wearing this type of bra after mastectomy, which means that there will be no restriction for any activities such as engaging in sports and swimming.

Yes, there are mastectomy swimwear. In fact, we at 200 Pharmacy & Medical Supplies take great pride in being able to utilize the latest technology when it comes to producing fashionable, functional, and comfortable mastectomy swimwear in Chicago, IL.

Superior Support and Coverage for Sensitive Areas

The best benefit of wearing a mastectomy bra is that it covers sensitive areas such as the chest and armpits, which helps in maintaining your modesty while allowing you to wear any type of outer clothing without needing additional coverings or worrying about showing too much skin.

Corrective Measurement

Mastectomy bras come in different sizes and shapes so that they can provide a better fit for women who have undergone surgery. The bra cups are also designed to offer more coverage and support.

Improved Appearance

Many mastectomy bras are designed with lace, which are often preferred by women who have undergone surgery. Lace is also used in the shoulder straps, back bands, and bottom hems to provide a more attractive appearance for women after mastectomy.

Learn more about mastectomy bras as well as mastectomy swimwear when you call 200 Pharmacy & Medical Supplies they have a wide selection that are perfect for any activity or style. We would be more than happy to assist you and answer your questions.

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