Land surveying has been around for many centuries. Ancient civilizations like the Egyptians were some of the pioneers of land surveys. They used to conduct accurate land surveys, as this fact is evident from the great structures they built. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one such marvelous example showing how land surveying worked wonders.


Land surveying was then adopted by the coming civilizations across the globe. All this suggests that land surveying is no new phenomenon, and holds special importance in the world of construction.


What is Land Surveying?

It is a proper career and science whose main focus is to measure directions, distances, and various angles. This is done using certain techniques taken from the disciplines of physics, geometry, and trigonometry, and of course, involves engineering.


If we talk about the types of land surveying techniques, there are around 7 land surveys for various goals. Below are the types:


  • Boundary survey
  • Construction survey
  • Surveys that are undertaken for site planning
  • Surveys for assessing locations
  • Subdivision survey
  • Topography survey


Now we will look at the facts showing why the land survey is so important.


Land Development

If you want to do construction work on a piece of land, it is crucial to hire land surveyors. From commercial to residential, all kinds of construction are taken forward once the land survey is done. There is no modern structure that can be built without a land survey.


From the clinic building of a dentist who is there to provide local people with teeth whitening and checkups, to big malls and buildings of educational institutions – land surveying is everywhere. The construction of various infrastructures such as electric posts, piping, drain and sewerage systems, and other construction activities rely heavily on data collection through professional land surveys.


Mapping Underground Resources

All the current technologies being used in land surveys assist a professional surveyor to examine locations for suitability. For example, they help examine potential mining locations – without risking lives, by using advanced tools.


Today, geochemical data can be used for locating concentrations of ores. The advanced methodologies for searching and potential mining locations drastically decrease the risk of losing lives.


Not just in building construction and mining, but land surveying has great usability in environmental planning. Mining corporations cater to environmental planning to minimize the negative effects of their activity on surrounding areas.


Mapping the Right Boundary Lines

The biggest and oldest advantage of land surveys is that it helps prevent conflicts followed by lawsuits. With the help of land surveyors, people are able to resolve land-related issues and ensure no issue occurs.


A land survey allows you to examine the boundaries of a piece of land. By doing so you can ascertain whether the piece of and is labeled the right way – in accordance with the current titles. The information and data gathered with the help of land surveys assist architects and engineers make better use of the infrastructure and space available to them.


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