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There is fierce competition in the real estate market. Each real estate agent has a strategy to win clients and get sales. You’re still trying your best to win clients and make sales using your system. Innovative home technology can be integrated into your listings.

You’re always looking for ways to give your clients the edge, whether in renovations or after you have a purchase offer. How can you stay ahead of the curve?

According to the January Realtor’s report, an average home stayed on the market for 61 days before being sold. Some houses can take longer to sell due to the property’s quality, location and price. However, innovative home technology can help reduce the time a property is on the market.

It’s crucial to keep up-to-date with the latest innovations in innovative home technology. Smart home technology can help increase the visibility of your client’s homes and draw more people to them. Here are some ways innovative home technology can benefit you and your clients.

What is a bright house?

Smart homes include many devices that homeowners can use to remotely monitor and manage their properties. Innovative home technology includes simple devices such as intelligent blinds and water leak detectors, sophisticated security systems, connected apps and refrigerators that allow homeowners to manage everything from one smartphone.

Although home automation is a concept that has existed for many years, it only gained momentum with the advent of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile computers. Many buyers look at potential homes with an eye toward intelligent home upgrades.

How can intelligent home technology benefit real estate agents?

In the last few years, innovative home technology has grown in popularity. According to a study, 69% of American households have at least one smart-home device. According to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), 69% of American families have at least one smart-home product. 18%, or about 22 million homes, own more than one.

Innovative home technology can be used in commercial and residential settings. It is now clear that only one industry may be able to adopt this technology, and that’s the real estate sector.

Innovative home technology can be a boon to agents in many ways. It can help them improve their home selling process and make it more efficient.

Making homes more energy-efficient

Homeownership has many advantages due to the integration of innovative home technology. Savvy home technology buyers are attracted to energy-efficient homes.

Smart thermostats can help reduce energy costs by using GPS to adjust heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Intelligent lighting controls can reduce electricity costs, increase security, and create a more pleasant atmosphere for occupants.

On the other hand, intelligent fans can be programmed to detect the temperature inside the house and are an excellent addition for homes in hotter regions.

Innovative home technology’s best feature is its intuitive app. This allows users to control their devices using their smartphones. It also lets users monitor their energy usage and generate an extensive report detailing their energy usage. This information allows savvy home tech buyers to monitor their energy consumption and generate a detailed report detailing their use.

Connecting sellers and buyers

Innovative home housing is becoming more popular, and many agents recommend it before listing a property. Innovative home technology is becoming more popular among tech-savvy generations, such as Gen Z and millennials.

Statistics show that nearly half (47%) of millennials have at least one smart home appliance. The rising intelligent home technology market has been driven by millennials, who highly regard their smart devices. This makes them more likely to rent or purchase smart homes than any other generation.

Innovative home technology can increase a buyer’s preference and make it easier for agents to reach potential buyers.

According to a survey, consumers aged 18-34 would spend more on intelligent home housing, including smart speakers, home theatres, and connected kitchens.

Modernizing an older house can make it more attractive to buyers looking for newer homes. Many home builders offer intelligent packages that include lighting, thermostats, and garage door openers.

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It’s easier to keep in touch with clients.

Statista estimates that there will be 481.9million smart homes worldwide, housing 481.9million people by 2025. Innovative home technology allows homeowners to enjoy home safety, security and convenience. Innovative home technology can make a homeowner’s home more attractive when they sell.

Savvy home technology buyers are attracted to houses with the latest technology features. This makes it easier for clients to get in touch. Real estate agents may also be able to help set up intelligent devices.

Innovative home technology can also be used to keep clients in touch. Clients will look for products that include innovative technology. Others will need to learn about the benefits.

Real estate agents know that innovative home technology can help clients avoid potential problems selling their smart homes. They also can market intelligent home technology well. Consumer Reports found that innovative home technology can increase a home’s value by 5%, or $15,000 for $300,000. Research also showed that appraisers now consider tech features in determining the home’s value.


Innovative home technology is quickly becoming a standard feature in luxury homes and high-value properties. Real estate agents who don’t use this technology when marketing homes miss out on potential buyers or opportunities.

Whether you are listing your home yourself, working with a real estate agent or simply being involved in other aspects related to investing, innovative home technology will be crucial to your success. Innovative home housing is a popular choice for both home buyers and sellers.

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