There are two methods you can choose to take when raising quails in your home. Determine if you would like to raise quails solely for meator eggs and meat. It is also important to decide if you want to keep them for the benefit of your family, or to create an income from selling the excess products.

The reason to decide on your priorities is quite simple. It will affect how carefully you feed your birds. When you make the decision to have enough chickens around to provide your family with a regular Quail dinner, and eggs on a regular basis You can treat your birds in the same way.

If you are planning to concentrate on producing meat (particularly in the event that you plan sell the meat by weight) then you should divide your eggs and meat layers. They will be treated differently to get the best outcomes for each.

Birds that have dual purposes

Are you considering raising quails to produce their stunning eggs? They’re definitely less hefty than eggs from chickens however they are used in a variety of ways. They are thought to be delicious and are able to substitute chicken eggs in a variety of recipes, at the ratio of two eggs of quail for one egg of chicken.

Quails are different from chickens in their egg-laying routines. They usually lay an egg per day inside an appropriate nesting box. Chickens can lay several eggs in a day and scatter them throughout their homes. Blue Birds in Michigan

It’s essential to look over the coop several times per day to find eggs since they can easily be trampled on by the birds. You might want to think about placing the quails inside an enclosure designed for them that lets eggs collect from the places where the quails move. The separator will keep the eggs safe until you take them home.

Meat birds

If you’re thinking of raising Quail for meat There are some easy modifications you can make to ensure more quantity of meat per bird. One of the first steps is to ensure that the quails in a state of relatively dark. As with all birds, quails are more active as the sun sets.

The sunlight stimulates more physical activity that keeps birds fit and their meat can be hard. Quals also lay more eggs when exposed daylight regularly. Meat birds kept in darkness will nevertheless lay eggs, but not as many as their brightly lit counterparts.

You could also offer the highest quality Grower Feed Mix to meat quacks. This is a protein-rich mix that has been specially designed to encourage rapid growth in your flock. Mix this feed mix with a limited movement. That is, don’t let the animals to roam free in your yard. Instead, confine the animals in the smaller coop.

It is possible to enhance the blend of the grower with fresh herbs, fresh grasses, and insects that are found in your backyard. Small completely enclosed pens that have wire mesh bases give access to this while keeping chickens safe against predators and stopping escapes.

Meat birds require room to move about. That is in order to ensure healthy birds and minimize fighting between birds. Small pens are ideal for keeping the birds in a single or two per square foot. You should ensure that there is at least an inches of water tank, and an additional two inches in the feed trough for each bird.

A few more tips on raising quail

Quails decrease their egg production at around 9 months. Quals have a limited time in the wild. Don’t be expecting your birds to remain for longer than a year.

This means that the turnover of quails will be rapid, and it is important to be ready when planning your capacity to supply other. If you’d like to raise quails yourself then we’ve got an complete guide on how to hatch eggs from quail.

Quail Raising Tips

What is your opinion? Are you ready to start the process of raising quails for your backyard? They’re a lot of fun to keep , but the care may be a bit more burdensome when compared with backyard chickens.

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