Effect of Rahu
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Rahu lacks any materiality and is a shadow planet. This planet has some important effects on a person’s life, together with Ketu. Many seasoned astrologers believe Rahu to be the most significant planet in Vedic astrology. The results of previous lives are indicated by this planet. This evil planet has a profound astrological significance. Rahu and Ketu are planets in astrology that have no zodiac sign rulership. Nevertheless, they continue to have a significant impact on everyone’s life.
Based on Rahu’s placement in your horoscope, you can learn what impact he has on your life.

This article will inform you of the details that show if Rahu is fortunate or unlucky in your Kundali. Let’s find out whether Rahu has an advantageous or unfavourable impact on your life.

Rahu in the horoscope is fortunate

Political success comes to those whose horoscopes have a favourable Rahu. They speak and see with astonishing clarity. Such people thrive in jobs relating to abroad and gain reputation and fame there as well.

Rahu’s positive influence makes it easy for the person to perform physical labour. They move quickly and with energy. They also don’t get fatigued even after working for long periods of time. Rahu that is auspicious also strengthens a person spiritually. Even in the most trying circumstances, these folks remain calm. No of the challenges or obstacles, they prevail in every circumstance.

A person with a strong Rahu influence has excellent conversational skills. These people have a fascinating way of making even their worst foes into friends. They can easily deduce what someone wants to see or hear from that person’s body language.

An individual with a powerful Rahu has a voice that is heard by everyone. Even if they lack information, these folks can find every loophole.

Inauspicious Rahu in Horoscope

People with a negative Rahu in their horoscope are masters of deceit. Such individuals form beliefs about making money the incorrect manner, and they have little trouble continuing down this road.

The individual feels frightened because of unlucky Rahu. Such a person engages in pointless argumentation since they inhabit an unreal universe. When Rahu is harmed, a person must also deal with commotion. A person may receive stigma even for actions they have not taken or work they have not done on purpose.

These people also shirk moral obligations. Additionally, they have a vicious tongue. As a result, they are never able to achieve decent status in society due to their harsh words. A person may potentially get a variety of illnesses as a result of Rahu’s affliction. Constipation and sleeplessness are problems for these persons.

Rahu Shanti Puja

Rahu Mantra should be recited by those whose horoscopes contain unfavourable Rahu in order to ward off Rahu’s anger. For effective outcomes, they could donate black clothing, jaggery, mustard oil, etc. For these people, worshipping Lord Bhairav is also regarded as fortunate. Worshiping Lord Ganesha is deemed fortunate if malefic Rahu is to blame for your inability to acquire employment.

Vedic Poojas are undoubtedly thought to have great potency. The planets in your cosmos and their energies are the focus of your horoscope. Numerous positions and energies frequently do not benefit your life. Fortunately, Vedic astrology offers a wide range of solutions that could aid in resolving problems. Pooja can assist in directing uplifting energies toward your planetary positions in such a circumstance.

Rahu and Ashtalakshmi yoga

The planet Rahu is the only one that goes backwards. In contrast to other planets, it does not control any zodiac sign. The location of the zodiac sign and its lord determines the lord of which the lord carries. Rahu produces the fortunate Ashtalakshmi yoga if it occupies the sixth house in the horoscope of a person (in the Guru Lagna Kundali).

As the name implies, Rahu fills a native’s life with money and pleasures when Ashtalakshmi Yoga is present in their horoscope. Due to Ashtalakshmi Yoga, Rahu’s unfavourable influences are eliminated, and a person begins to experience fortunate outcomes.

Lagnakaraka Shubh Yoga

Rahu also shapes Lagnakaraka Shubh Yoga, which is similar to Ashtalakshmi Yoga. Rahu produces Lagnakaraka Shubh Yoga when it is in the second, ninth, and tenth houses of the horoscope and the native possesses the signs of Aries, Cancer, and Taurus. Astrologers claim that having this Yoga in the Kundali eliminates any native effects that Rahu might have. The natives’ financial situation is improving every day, and they swiftly overcome all kinds of challenges.

Rahu’s auspicious sight aspects the sixth, third, or eleventh houses in a person’s horoscope, and that person never experiences a financial shortage. They constantly have enough money to spend. They are capable of achieving everything in life, and even the most difficult tasks are simple for them.

Kapat Yoga- Rahu’s Inauspicious Yoga

Kapat Yoga is formed when Saturn and Rahu are placed in the horoscope’s sixth and eleventh houses, respectively. A person is unable to confide in anyone thanks to the invention of this yoga.

Pishach Yoga

It is among the worst forms of yoga. Native Americans with Pishach Yoga in their horoscopes experience a wide range of phantom-related issues. They have bad luck with lovers.

Guru Chandal Yoga

Guru Chandal Yoga is produced in the horoscope when Jupiter and Rahu combine. One of the deadliest and unluckiest types of yoga is this one. This yoga causes a lot of problems due to Planet Rahu.

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