When sending your baby off to daycare, there’s quite a lot to think about as a parent. One important but easy to overlook item is making sure your little one’s things are properly labeled, especially baby bottles.

Here’s a quick overview on the importance of quality baby bottle labels and where to shop for them!

What even is a baby bottle label?
This is one of those small things you don’t really think about before becoming a parent, but yes it’s an important one. If you send your child off to daycare, you have to make sure their items are appropriately labeled, for obvious reasons.

Quality label sites have a variety of labels for different items, made specifically for various functions. At Sticky Monkey Labels, there’s an entire section of baby bottle labels that are created for the specific use of labeling baby bottles. Here are the specifics that make their baby bottle labels stand out:

– Fit daycare requirements

– Shaped to fit perfectly on popular bottles

– Waterproof

– Bottle warmer safe

– Dishwasher safe

– Can be written on daily

– Clearly displayed information

– Vibrant and fun

– Customizable

Reasons to use a baby bottle label
It may seem easy to forgo labeling your baby’s bottles, but there are actually quite a few reasons to use them.

Lost Items
One of the most obvious reasons to use a label is to make sure that your baby bottle doesn’t get lost or confused with someone else’s. If it’s misplaced in any way, a label will help people know who to return it to.

You can protect your baby (and other babies) from germs and ingesting the wrong food with a label. With your baby’s name on the bottle, it will be clear that it’s for them to use specifically.

If your baby has any allergies or food sensitivities, that is a great reason to get a label for their baby bottle. You can include not just their name but any allergies they have or ingredients to avoid. You can include your phone number in case of an emergency.

If your baby has a specific schedule for feeding, you can include all of the details on the label. Right on the baby bottle, you can include times your baby should be fed and the amounts they should be given each time. This will make it a lot easier for everyone to keep track of and help ease your mind.

Where to get baby bottle labels
Looking for high-quality baby bottle labels? Sticky Monkey Labels has a wide variety of fun and colorful labels that can be easily customized. They have a generous selection of different sizes, colors, and styles to choose from, which makes it easy to label your bottles just the way you want them. Sticky Monkey Labels also features labels for other essential daycare items, including complete daycare label packs!

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