Different Between Quartz Countertops and Granite Worktops

If you are renovating your kitchen or looking for some new designs to install for your kitchen worktops, this article is for you.

Granite Worktops:

Granite is another famous and most used material in home finishing as well. Kitchen tops made of granite are in great demand by people because of their certain advantages over other materials. If you want the best for you, Granite Worktops in Welwyn Garden City is the finest place for you to buy.

Quartz Worktops:

Quartz is a material stone mostly used in kitchen worktops for its benefits and uses. People do consider it while choosing the best material for their kitchen finishing. If you are looking for it, quartz worktops Welwyn in garden city is the best place for you to look

Difference Between Granite & Quartz Worktops:

We will be stating the difference between the both, so it will get easy for you to analyze what will be of more use to you and your kitchen.

  • Produced  Or Obtained

Granite is naturally extracted. It is obtained by the dealers of granite. However, quartz is man-made. It is manufactured by machines. That is why you will find certain differences in designs and colors as well. The texture of quartz will be finer than the granite. For people with looks conscious or who don’t want to spend their time finding the best piece quartz worktops Welwyn in garden city is best for them.

  • Appearance

Quartz worktops are glossier and have a luscious look than granite. They have a wider variety of colors and designs, which are highly attractive to the buyer. You can have the specific design matched to your kitchen walls or paint. On the other hand, granite does also have designs and colors available but finding the same design can be a time taking process. The point of priority is, if you have direct sunlight exposure in your kitchen, then the quartz worktops will get discolored more quickly than granite. For this matter, granite worktops Welwyn in garden city is providing its services in the best of your interest.

  • Texture

Granite comes in a porous form, it has gaps between its designs. That’s why sealing the worktops is important. On the other hand, quartz is non-porous. It doesn’t need to be sealed to extend its life.

  • Durability

Both of the stones are the hardest. Granite is a naturally extracted material; it has strength and durability. The dealers give a guarantee of centuries it is cared for in normal kitchen life. It does get affected by scratches or stains easily. This is the reason; granite use in homes can increase the sale value of the home. On the other hand, quartz is also hard to break. Dealers give more than 25 years of durability to their customers.

  • Stain Resistance

Quartz is highly stain-resistant. It has a non-porous texture. It does not have any capillaries channels between the minerals. This is the reason; the liquid will also not put a stain on it. However, granite has a porous texture. It will not absorb liquids. Though, it will also not leave a stain as well. But you need to seal it with a professional. Quartz needs no maintenance at all and granite is low maintenance material. Granite worktops Welwyn in garden city are the finest material you need as per your required designs.

  • Heat Resistance

Quartz is too good at heat resistance. It can handle extreme heat pressure. You can easily put a pressure cooker or pan on it. However, quartz is a bad material for it. It cannot absorb heat in it. Otherwise, it will decolorize your worktop. You need heat mats to cover the temperature over 250 degrees Celsius.

  • Seams

Seams are the closure points. In quartz worktops, they are less visible and can be handled. It will not be damaging the aesthetic sense of your kitchen, while granite has more visibility of seams. It can easily destroy your designs and appeal as well.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning quartz is easy as compared to granite. Quartz can easily be maintained and can be kept clean with little effort. You don’t need to buy a special washing bar for it. It will become glossy and retain its shine after proper cleanliness. Quartz worktops Welwyn in garden city is the best use for it. While you have to take a little care for worktops. You have to make sure; the washing bar is not highly alkaline. You have to follow certain steps to do the cleaning method. However, it is not very difficult as well. Granite worktops Welwyn in garden city are also available for you.

  • Safety

As quartz worktops are non-porous, they work quite effectively against pathogens. They are naturally anti-bacterial in nature and hygienic. The food will be saved from any germs on quartz worktops Welwyen n in garden city. For granite worktops, radon is a gas occurring in natural materials. They emit a small amount of it. It is not harmful to use this is quite a common thing in naturally obtained substances.

  • Price

There is no hard fast rule for the prices. Granite and quartz both have low-high ranges. It all depends on the design, colors, complexities, and all. Some granite is less expensive as compared quartz whereas somewhere granite is lower than it. It also depends on the amount of material you want. They both look great, both have benefits, and both increase the resale value. It all depends on the type, kind, and amount you want.

  • Imperfections

Granite comes with some imperfections because of its natural occurrence, you just simply can’t make changes to all extent. You have to compromise on some ends as well. On the other hand, quartz is a man-made thing, you will have the perfect version of colors and design.

  • Installation

The installation process is a very relatable topic in both of the worktops. They both needed to be cut according to the design accurately. Quartz is heavier than granite so you need more care for it. However, this process will be done by both of the worktop professionals.

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