Pen and pencils are frequently used in promotions due to the fact that they are generally cheaper compared to other promotional materials. However, this statement obscures the fact that while most such writing elements do come cheap (and by extension means they come in poor quality), the reality is that there are some pens and pencils that have become eponymous with quality. One such brand of pencils that are known precisely for this is Waterman pencils. For this reason, Promotional Waterman Pencils are widely coveted items in promotions because much like comets, they are rare in promotions.

Rare as they are, these special promotional writing materials carry with them a tag of fame and distinction that not all brands of writing materials can have for themselves. This distinction comes from the fact that Waterman pencils are produced with the delicacy of making fine china pottery and interspersed with chrome or silver plating depending on the wishes of clients. In some cases, lucky recipients of Promotional Waterman Pencils may get for themselves a pencil that is adorned with 23 karat gold!

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Maximizing Your Waterman Pencils in Promotions

Rare and distinguished as Waterman products are, promotional companies do not stop there in their efforts to make their promotions a success. Some of these strategies are:

  • Pairing Promotional Waterman Pencils with other writing tools to form a set. In this aspect, the entire set is given as a free gift. A common example of this is having these pencils packed along with writing pads, Post-It notes, pen lanyards, and other things.
  • Another common strategy among promotional companies is to form a set of Waterman pencils and clothing articles such as t shirts, polo shirts, and sometimes even towels and caps are also used.


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