The tyre is made using many varieties of compounds altogether, and the final product which we get in return is the strong material that is capable of running on the road. Flaxley Tyres provides you with the quality Tyres Sutton Coldfield, which comprises the toughness, rigidity and heat tolerating capacity. They have gained trust for years, and people opt for choosing the services from them because they deliver the work on time and a quality ride is what you get after choosing the services from them.

Tyre production is a detailed process. A tyre goes from multiple steps and then is ready to be used by all of us. It has to meet the quality standards to be used for the vehicle purpose. There are many essential ingredients involved in the making of the tyres, and those are-

Steel- It is the strongest element used in the tyres. It comes from the industries and then transferred to the tyre industries to make them useful in the tyres. Steel is used in the tyres because it shows rust resistance property, which makes it a perfect use. It offers high strength, which again is required in the tyre.

Steel usage gives you low weight adapting capacity on the tyre, that is why it is the preferred use. It has durability, ductility and corrosive resistance property. The great strength is the reason why it is to be preferred for usage in the tyre components.

Chemicals- Various chemicals are used along with the tyres for making them effective to be used on the roads. The use of chemicals on the tyre make them effective to be shown the good traction and good grip performance on the road.

Sulphur- Sulphur is one of the key ingredients used widely in the tyre manufacturing process. The mixture of sulphur into the rubber is done for making the tyre strong enough and rigid. The mixture is done into the vulcanized rubber and due to which the tyres are capable of being heat resistant and hard. This element is to be found in every tyre, while other additions are made to add a unique property for their specification.

Carbon black- Carbon black is again an essential component to be used in the manufacturing of the tyres. The reason behind adding the carbon element is to make the tyres strong and rigid. This element makes the tyre not corrode easily from friction as they have to be with the exposure of the road all day. They make the tyres capable enough to last for a long period and also protect them from UV radiation.

Many people think that the black colour of the tyre is made so that the tyres are not accumulated with dirt, but the major reason is that the tyres have to be strong and rigid for carrying the load of the vehicle and also the extra load of the vehicle, so that is why they are made this way.

Synthetic rubber- All the tyres are not made using natural rubber. Synthetic rubber is cost-effective, and the use of styrene-butadiene rubber is done widely in the tyre industry for the making of tyres. There are some other forms also available of the synthetic rubber for developing the tyres. Its major form is used in the manufacturing of tyres.

Silica- The main use of silica in the addition of tyres is to prevent the tyres from rolling resistance. When the tyre can give less friction, then it is capable of lasting longer. This increases the age of tyres and also helps the wear and tear of tyres. Somehow, the tyres are subjected not to go in the landfills soon and this way the environment can be protected from pollution.

When less resistance is produced then the vehicle consumes less fuel so, it helps in increasing the fuel economy. The chemical named bis (triethoxysilylpropyl) tetrasulfide is used with silica for making the silica bond stronger with the rubber.

40-60% of the tyre is rubber- The tyre can consist of four different kinds of rubber which are polybutadiene rubber, natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, butyl rubber. You will be glad to know that the sidewall and the tread area of the tyre is 55% rubber and Flaxley Tyres gives you the best rubber quality Tyres Birmingham that long last and have you a smoother ride when the tyre is in contact with the road. We give you a variety of tyres and you can choose from them according to your choice.

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