Custom Rigid Boxes

Among a variety of options available across the retail sector, printed rigid boxes are a highly favored packaging solution. They are made from thick paperboard to provide ultimate protection to your products. The packaging cast a brilliant impression on the audience through its exquisite appearance. The secret behind the beauty of these boxes is the high-quality printing. You can customize them in any color, design, and artwork of your choice. Embellish them with an embossed print or add decorated accessories like ribbons or bows etc., to create a mesmerizing display. The packaging is a good option for high-value products as it gives a classic look without compromising on durability.

Printed Rigid Boxes bring the Luxury Touch & Feel:

Firstly, the worth mentioning is the aesthetic benefit. It creates a luxurious touch and feels to inspire everyone. Custom Printed Rigid Boxes with Logo look much more high-value than simple paper boxes. You can use them on several occasions, including formal gatherings, which require high status. Nowadays, companies prefer using these boxes for their product packaging to retain the interest of customers in their brand. Printing them with artistic designs and required information can make them the center of attention for everyone. Such packaging also creates the essence of a gift wrap, making people show their appreciation towards the products.

High Durability when Comes to Rescue:

A poor quality packaging is not durable to keep the inner contents safe. As a result, your products may break or crush easily. Custom rigid luxury boxes are an amazing packaging solution. They provide utmost protection to all types of products due to their sturdy exterior. When you are using this packaging, you no longer have to worry about product safety. Internally they are lined with paper lining, or built-in inserts, to beautify their look and also enhance the level of protection. Such high-value packaging maintains a good balance between aesthetics and durability. This makes it a good option for luxury brands.

 Enhance your Product Value:

The way you present your products in a retail environment determines the customers’ perception of your products. An impressive look makes the decision much easier. The rigid printed boxes supplier works exclusively on the design of the packaging to enhance the product value. It makes your goods look more lavish and costly. By providing a good interactive experience, you can win customers’ hearts forever. The use of special laminations like gloss/matte coating, embossing, debossing, die-cutting, metalized or UV coating, etc., is becoming the latest trend. Using these options to decorate your boxes can take your product’s presentation to the next level.

Printed Rigid Boxes Provide a Better Fit In:

Placing your products attractively inside the luxury rigid luxury boxes automatically appeals to the customers. The packaging does not focus on a single design pattern; rather, you can create these boxes in any shape, size, and style depending upon the nature of the product. This versatility of options provides a better fit in, enhancing your products’ display. You may even contact some of the well-reputed packaging companies to get a perfect rigid wholesale box design. The experts provide you with a wide range of choices to create a unique sense of style.

 Exceptional Printing Methods:

Using some of the best and unique printing methods can make your business meaningful and admirable for everyone. When it comes to luxury rigid boxes, the popular printing methods include:

  • Flexography: Flexography uses rubber sheets to transfer the required image into the boxes using water-based ink. The images printed by using this technique give a high-quality result.
  • Screen printing: It uses strong ink on a thick screen in a frame. It also helps in creating high-value graphics.
  • Lamination: The litho lamination is a process where you can print a sheet of paper using a printer. This printed paper is then loaded into custom rigid collapsible boxes. This technique also creates high-quality graphics by using vivid colors.
  • Prepress: The prepress technique is suitable for bulk orders. In it, the text is printed on the material before it is designed to make a box. The technique generates good results in terms of coloration, saturation, and consistency.
  • Stickers and Label Printing: the use of stickers or labels on the rigid packages give them a professional look. This method usually uses a label sheet and a printer. Label sheets are printed with the required information or artwork and glued to the outside of the box. However, you may also design them with a gloss or matte finish to add an elegant touch.

Interesting Variations in Box Style:

If you want your product to outshine the retail shelves by creating an impressive look, here are some of the amazing style patterns. They will make your rigid making machine design admirable all around the world.

  • Magnetic closures: Magnetic closures involve a one-piece box. The packaging resembles the shape of a cube or rectangle. The addition of magnetic closures makes your products more protective and high-value.
  • Detachable lid: In this type of box, two independent pieces that slide over one another create the flaps. Although the style is very common, customization in several shapes and sizes adds more uniqueness to it.
  • Book Style Box: It resembles the shape of a book. This style secures the item against slipping. The packaging is usually used to enhance the product’s presentation and make it more noticeable in-crowd.
  • Folding box: Rigid folding boxes are designed from grey cardboard. Either they have a magnetic or a tape closure. Its style, shape, affordability, and storage capacity make it ideal for gift giving.
  • Flip Top Box: These boxes are also common. The use of straps or buckles attached to this rectangular box creates a high-value, elegant look.
  • Sliding Style Box or Sleeve: these pull-out boxes resemble drawers. They can place in a variety of fragile products. Such structure gives your boxes a good capacity and protection across all damages.


From all the above discussion, it is clear that printed rigid boxes are the most versatile and high-value packaging solution you can get for your business. Their features and astounding looks help in creating a wonderful impression on the customers. You can customize them according to your branding essentials to improve their visibility on shelves. As a result, your business can generate an incredible rise in sales by using this luxurious packaging solution.


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