cold urticaria

Cold urticaria occurs when a specific skin surface starts itching and turns pale red. It could be due to an allergic reaction or a bug bite. It causes inflammation all over the skin and causes tremendous pain and itchiness. The ones prone to allergic reactions and often fall sick, or face rash over an exposed part cannot do much about the allergic reaction. They are always under the impression that the soreness and the redness will fade away. 

But, there are specific treatments provided by specialists for those constantly subjected to such scenarios. Scroll down to get well-acquainted with the methods adopted by the skin specialist to determine the extent of damage and then find a suitable solution for the same. 

  • Allergic Triggered Temperature Determinant TempTest

The temp test is a device which can be used to evaluate and figure out the patient’s allergy. It helps to configure the extent of the reaction from the cold urticaria. The device allows the doctors to configure the temperature threshold for the symptoms. 

cold urticaria
cold urticaria

The device allows temperature up to 44 degrees Celsius. It transfers the same to the patient’s skin by placing the inner forearm with the help of a U shaped aluminum stencil attached to the device. The stencil indicates the range of temperature of the patient. By adopting this method, the threshold temperature could be determined at which the allergic reaction got triggered. 

The device can be used in adults and pediatric patients as well. On determining the threshold temperature, Cold Contact Urticaria symptoms could also be kept at bay. The patients can use it to determine the temperature which triggered the allergic reaction, specifically the food, clothes or drinks which caused it.  

  • Non Drowsy Antihistamines

Once the diagnosis is made, the need to take early precautions as well. Hence, if the person knows they would be exposed to cold, they should take an antihistamine. It helps to prevent the reaction and does cause any severity in the person. 

It mainly blocks the symptom-producing release of histamine. The most commonly used antihistamines are loratadine(Claritine) and desloratadine ( Clarinex)

  • Other Drug

For asthma patients, the doctor is more to recommend having Omalizumab (Xolair). It can be used to treat people with cold urticaria who have not witnessed any results with other medications. 

Ending Note

Since prevention is better than cure, people may take up the above-suggested options to help deal with such conditions. For cold urticaria taking note of the temperature is essential. Hence make sure to figure out the threshold temperature and then convey the same to the doctor. It will help to diagnose and treat the issue that could be taken up early so that the specialist can suggest an immediate solution.

By Russell Crowe

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