Pressed Powder and Loose Powder

From mascaras to lipsticks, there are millions of makeup products in the beauty world. But, choosing among them becomes quite a complex process since many makeup essentials, although different in appearance but similar in nature, are available in the market.

During such a hunt, one of the biggest problems we face is distinguishing between pressed powder and loose powder. Both products play an important role in setting the base for face makeup. People often get confused between the two as their appearance and names are almost identical. But, what they don’t know is that their use is disparate.

This write-up will give you a brief understanding of what pressed powder (compact powder) and loose powder are all about and how you can distinguish them easily for an effortless makeup look.

What is pressed powder? 

There was a time when compacts or pressed powder were the only makeup required. In everyone’s makeup vanity, it was a staple beauty essential. In today’s world, it still hasn’t lost its charm.

When it comes to fixing a makeup look, pressed powders are the go-to beauty fixer-up. They not only improve your skin texture by covering up the blemishes but also provide a luminous or mattified appearance to it.

Moreover, since they have a lightweight and oil-control formula, and offer hassle-free portability, touch-ups with this knight-in-shining-armour product give your skin a balming finish. 

For a flawless makeup base, you can try the pressed powder collection from one of the leading beauty and skincare brands Avon. Their Avon Simply Pretty pressed powder range with its mattifying formula, combats shine, evens skin tone, and imparts a matte finish to your face makeup look.

What is loose powder?

Have you ever observed how the makeup of models and actors appears so spotless? It’s all thanks to loose powder. Considered a beauty breakthrough by makeup experts, this feather-light and finely milled face powder is preferred for providing your makeup look with that envied airbrush finish adorned by prominent people. 

After getting basic insights into both cosmetics, let’s dive deeper into what sets them apart from each other and how to apply them correctly.

Difference between Pressed powder and Loose Powder

Loose powder and pressed powder can be mistaken for twins. But to determine them apart, they are both characterised by their own set of unique features.

If you are looking to give your face protection against greasy makeup, pressed powder is a definite go-to. Compared to loose powder, this face powder is heavier on the oil content, making it, a miracle for people with dry skin types. Additionally, it extends customisable coverage for different complexions and is the ideal makeup product to ace the no-makeup look. 

Powdery in texture, loose powders contain lesser oils. They are generally used for adding a finishing touch to one’s makeup. Furthermore, they cannot be used for a proper base compared to pressed powders. If you are hoping for a creaseless and fabulous makeup look, loose powder is a must-have in your makeup vanity. Loose powders are also preferred for normal and oily skin types, as they absorb the excess oil from the face when you use it on your face.

How to apply Pressed Powder and Loose Powder?

  • Pressed Powder

Since compact powder usually comes in pressed powder form, its application process requires little to no effort. You can either apply it using the puff that accompanies the powder or a powder brush.

  • Loose Powder

Applying loose powder can be quite tricky. As they are loose in nature, product spillage can happen. Henceforth, the best way to use it is with a kabuki brush. This type of brush helps in the easy blending of the powder for a smooth and glowing appearance.

To wrap it up, both pressed powder and loose powder are integral to achieving a perfect makeup look. One sets the base and the other adds a finishing touch to it. Furthermore, if you are considering buying them, always purchase them from the best cosmetic companies such as Avon for high-quality coverage and lasting finish. You can explore their makeup products online and make the best choice for your skin.

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