Preschool Admission

Seems like yesterday when your kid spoke their first word, and before you know it is time to enrol them into preschool? Don’t worry, you are not the only parent who has to go through it. While these learning years are important to mould your kid into a bright individual, the whole process of preschool admission requires a lot of hard work and preparation to make your way in.

During the admission session, parents often get so indulged in securing the seat for their children in top schools that they forget about a crucial aspect of the whole process- “their children.” Every school has certain expectations from their future students and as your child’s behaviour will also play a role in deciding their future, it is significant to prepare your children for Preschool Admission.

Do’s and Don’ts when preparing your children to get a seat in a good school:


Do your homework

The first step to preparing your kid is by learning what specific standards of expectations the school you applied to has. In other words, you have to conduct in-depth research to gather all the information. You can easily do it either online or offline, and it will also help you to ensure whether the Preschool Admission you applied to is the right fit or not. You can also read previous reviews on their site, or reach out to parents of students who are already studying there. The majority of Noida international schools are happy to share this information. Collect all the information you can to help your child prepare better.

Start with basics

In order to ensure seamless preschool admission, you need to ensure that your child has the basic skills. While the majority of preschools don’t get too into details or ask anything about colour, flowers, shape, and alphabet, your child should know about them nonetheless. Remember, there are limited seats and you need to put in your hard work to secure at least one seat for your child.

For the start, you can teach your kid their full name, parent’s name, address, country name, etc. For Noida international school, you can teach your kid the alphabet, colour name, and counting to earn some extra points during the interview.

Focus on communication

Every child is different by the nature. No wonder some children start speaking early while others simply take time as they are shy in nature. If your child falls into the second category then, it is recommended to encourage them to have a small conversation to enhance their communication skills. In the beginning, you can start with a small conversation like which one is their favourite toy, cartoon character, or favourite dessert. Doing this will eventually boost their confidence while strengthening their skill.

Make it fun and comfortable

The preschool admission process can be a stressful situation as they can feel overwhelmed by all the questions. Most children can feel irritated and nervous by the whole situation which often leads to tantrums. Therefore, getting your child comfortable during the interview is another important factor in the preparation.

For this, you can start explaining what would happen at school. You can also roleplay to get the whole thing more fun. If possible, you can connect with other kids who are also appearing for the same interview to make your child feel comfortable and excited about all the activities they are going to enjoy in the school.


Now when you have gone through all the Do’s of the process, it is time to start hitting the Don’ts to avoid any chaos during the preparation and interview.

Don’t discourage your child

Children are curious which indeed leads them to ask many questions. As a parent, it is your responsibility to encourage your child and even though you don’t know the answers to some questions, you can always look it up together. This way, your child will gain more confidence when asking and answering questions.

Don’t rush your child

When it comes to preparing children with basic questions, many parents prefer to rush the process. They keep nagging them to tell the right answer- one way or another. This eventually makes things overwhelming for the little ones and they start feeling discouraged and demotivated.

Don’t make your child feel stressed

Rather than stressing over the interview day, consider it as a fun outing with your kid to enlighten the atmosphere. Tell them how answering simple questions during the preschool interview will lead to a fun lunch or playtime in the gaming arena as a reward for good behaviour.


Preparing your children for Preschool Admission is indeed a huge learning step for you and your child. While you feel your child is ready to ace, mentally prepare yourself to calmly handle the tantrums if he throws one.

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