Prashar Lake trek

Himalayas is an epitome of beauty and famous for its several beautiful treks and trails. One such lake trek nestled in the Dhauladhar range of Himalayas is the Prashar Lake Trek with captivating beauty and alluring trail. Dhauladhar range is a bowl-shaped valley located in the Himalaya region. 

You are bound to encounter the thick forests and snow laden mountains while travelling towards Prashar Lake trek and that is what makes it a hidden gem of the Himachal Pradesh. A short trek makes it an appropriate choice for long weekend travel and people with itchy feet. Besides the lake, the night views will leave you spell bound and make your travel more exciting.

Mornings in the Himalayas are always special when the first rays of sun touch the high peaks of the Himalayas. 

About the Trek

Situated in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh, Prashar Lake trek is a year-round trek making it an apt choice for a long weekend getaway. Embodiment of the trek is the Prashar Lake with its sparkling blue water. Not to miss Prashar Lake also has a floating island located on its surface which is believed to be moving depending on the nature.

This lake trek has many starting points and you can choose your own. The famous point of start is the Baggi Village situated near Mandi but if you want to trek lesser then travel a bit further and choose your starting point. Beginners are advised to carry a guide along the trek while experienced ones can travel without a guide also.

History of Prashar

It is believed that the Sage Prashar used to meditate here hence the place is considered sacred. There is a temple here which was built in the 13th century by Raja Bank Sen in the Rishi’s honor and naming the lake after him.

Another saying of the locals is that this lake was created by Bhima, when he was returning after Mahabharata. When the Pandava brothers were coming along with the Kamrunag Devta, also known as the Raining God, he was fascinated by the beauty of the valley and the place that he decided to stay there forever hence Bhima originated the lake from one of the mountains by stabbing into it. 

Weather Conditions

Prashar lake weather is unpredictable. Temperature in the winters go as low as -8 degrees Celsius and go up to as high as 21 degrees Celsius. Summers are also cold so be prepared in advance and carry appropriate clothing even if you are travelling in summers. 

Post monsoon calls for a different view with greenery and floating island view.

The lake is frozen in winter months like January and February hence makes it best time to enjoy the trek. 

Travel Itinerary of Prashar Lake

Here is a quick overview of a short travel itinerary to this lake trek. Take one step at a time and gain the experience to travel to such a beautiful place. Enjoy each and every part of the trek and take the opportunity to explore the hills.

Day 1: Take an overnight bus and reach mandi. Explore the area around and the local life.

Day 2: Take a bus to Baggi village from Mandi. This will take around two hours to reach Baggi. Have your breakfast and pack some. Take water bottles along as you won’t find any shops above or along the trail. You will reach the Prashar Lake from Baggi after trekking for around 4 hours. 

The trek trail will pass through several rivers and thick forests. Take a night stay camp at the lake side and enjoy an unforgettable experience. You can either rent a tent or can also carry your own tent and pitch there. There is also a guest house located few metres away from the lake where you can accommodate a room with a prior booking.

Staying in the temple dorm is also an option and the temple Priest will make all the necessary arrangements for your stay.

Day 3: Wake up early and explore the areas around. You will be witnessing the three most beautiful range of Himalayas, the Pir Panjal range and the Lahaul and Spiti valley. Also, visit the ancient temple situated near the lake.

Day 4: Start back your journey from Prashar to Baggi village. There are two options to reach back to Mandi, either take a direct bus from Prashar to Mandi or take a bus to Baggi village and reach Mandi.

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