Are you looking for a pair of heels that can define style and comfort at the same time? Then it would help if you went for platform shoes. The platform shoes, especially the platform heels and Platform Boots, are very popular today, especially for rave goers. It offers maximum comfort and a combination of a classy and sassy look.


What Are Platform Shoes?

Platform heels consist of tucker souls and are available in various types, including trainers, heels, sandals, and boots. These have soles of around one to four inches, and they specifically define the area underneath the toe box. 


Styling Platform Shoes

It is quite easy to make a statement with that tall and unique footwear, so sometimes it becomes hard to choose what to wear them with. The platform heels have been in style since the 70s, but today’s era asks for something subtler and Sexier. You can easily team a pair of platform heels with dresses or skirts to show them off and make your legs look super long. Platform heels are best suited as summer wear; pull off that boho look or go for something more fierce and bold and pair it up with bracelets and booty shorts for a rave party. 


The pool sliders have also gained popularity over the years and are often available with platform sols. They are ideal for wearing with pool or sportswear. It adds versatility and a casual outlook to your wardrobe. 


If you are looking for platform shoes for the winter, then try those chunky Platform Boots. Whether you choose ankle length, calf length, or knee-length boots depends on you. You can pair the platform ankle-length boots with jeans or shorts to get a relaxed look through those cold and chilly winter reasons. The raised sole is multifunctional as it helps to keep the mud and dirt away from the clothes. You can also wear knee-high boots with skirts or short-length shorts to attract more attention to your feet. Try mini skirts to feel stylish and make a statement with those fancy boots. 


Platform Heels: A Perfect Combination Of Style, Comfort, And Fit

Owing to the height of the platform heels, several people worry whether they are comfortable, especially when it comes to events where you need to dance your heart out for hours. These are much more comfortable than normal heels, and the wide toe box makes them comfortable. But if you are planning to wear your platforms all day long, it is best to choose lower heights as the high-heeled platforms can put a lot of pressure on the ball of the foot that may lead to extreme discomfort. 


Suppose you are not used to wearing platform heels. In that case, you might wonder how to walk in them. Well, it’s quite easy to focus on transferring the weight from the heel to the toe, and if you are planning to wear them to music parties, remember to practice wearing them a few times before the event. 


Conclusively rock your look with these versatile platform shoes.

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