An event is defined as a gathering of people held together for reasons that are not unusual, with the help of some preparation. Public activities and some non-public activities.

Private Activities

Private Event is best-shared invitations and is usually very small. Event organizers often mitigate hazards as they see who is waiting and how to manipulate hazards associated with people, sports, and ratings they are planning to attend. Examples of private activities include weddings; company Christmas parties, family gatherings and picnics.

Public Activities 

Public Events are open to the public and consist of paid activities. Because organizers cannot recognize attendees, they tend to grow larger and pose a greater danger. The city assists event organizers in manipulating hazards to event participants and surrounding local residents. To do. Examples of public activities include college festivals, music fairs, and street vendors. Advance reservations (council countries) or applications for public events (non-public countries) are required prior to the event.

Private Event Entertainment

Private Events are usually for a very close second or one’s own circle of relatives to enjoy a unique opportunity. Events like this are meant to be shared with loved ones and friends and to bring laughter. We offer several types of entertainment to connect with absolutely everyone and make each visitor we will make sure you have a comfortable and special time. Fun is the key to a full closed party. Participants should have a good time and go home with great memories.

Organizing Events

For a complete guide on preparing for an event, see the Department of Health’s Guidelines for Concerts, Events and Organized Gatherings. Public activities are regulated by the Health (Public Buildings) Regulations 1992. For more information, please visit the Department of Health website or contact your Environmental Health Officer.

Application Process

  • Your needs may vary, but the general process is as follows. Download and complete the
    Software Form:
  • Park/Nature Reserve Reservation (Public Land) or Public Event Registration (Non-Public Land) below
  • Temporary Grocery Business Permit Application (each grocery store must complete and post this). You can find detailed data and download software forms on his website at the grocery store.
  • Please send the software to the City at least one month in advance for small events and three months in advance for large events (late charges may also apply).

The application must include:

  • Business liability insurance for stall owners (e.g. Bouncy Castle operators and food vendors).
  • Supplementary documentation as needed (e.g., Hazard Prevention Plan, Scientific Plan, Large Marquee, Circus Tent, Bleachers Technical Certification)

Event approval

Should the event be approved the:

  • Bookings Officer will post the parks/reserves bookings approval (for events on Council land) and conditions of hire, with an invoice for hire fees and key/oval bonds (if applicable).
  • Signed conditions of parks and reserves hire should be returned to the Town and invoices paid.
  • Environmental Health Officer will issue the public event approval and invoice (if applicable).

Key/s can be collected just prior to the event and be returned immediately afterwards.


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