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Neck pain can cause problems with your shoulder, driving a car, or working at a desk. When you have neck pain, it is important to uncover why you are in pain to create a plan to address the pain. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we carefully assess what is going on in order to help you heal through physical therapy. If you have neck pain that is making it difficult for you to enjoy every day activities, it’s time to see how physical therapy in Dearborn can help.

Assessing Your Neck Pain

When you meet with a physical therapist in Lambertville or Bowling Green, you will discuss what is going on with your pain and range of motion. Common problems that cause neck pain include injuries, poor posture, arthritis and tightness of the muscles. You will go through a complete physical exam, which can include imaging to determine the cause of your neck pain.

Your Treatment Plan for Neck Pain

Treatment for neck pain with a physical therapist in Bowling Green will involve a range of modalities. Your range of motion in your cervical spine will be tested, and you will learn new exercises to strengthen the muscles that support your neck. You might receive massage to the area, ultrasound, hot or cold therapy, and decompression techniques to reduce strain on your cervical spine. Understand that treatment is progressive, and it’s important to attend all of your scheduled appointments to heal from your pain.

Neck Pain Over Time

How well your neck pain heals will depend on the cause of your neck pain. If you have arthritis in your neck, conservative approaches such as physical therapy can keep your pain under control for a long time. It is possible that you can prolong or avoid surgery, even when you have arthritis that can’t be cured. Physical therapy can strengthen your cervical muscles, giving you the support, you need to keep your neck in alignment.

Your Physical Therapy Exercises

You will be taught stretching and strengthening exercises that will help improve your neck pain. Exercises are added to your home exercise routine slowly. You should not have pain when you are doing your physical therapy exercises. The goal is to stretch and strengthen your cervical spine muscles over time. As you get stronger, your physical therapist will add more exercises to your routine. Make sure that you follow your exercise plan for maximum benefit. You can improve or eliminate neck pain when you work closely with your physical therapist.

Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we understand the importance of working closely with each of our patients. We carefully assess your condition, and we come up with a treatment plan that is right for you. At physical therapy in Dearborn, you get the attention you deserve to heal your body naturally. We will look for solutions, and talk to you about your treatment goals. When you are looking for natural pain relief that does not rely on prescription medication, it’s time to see how PT Link Physical Therapy can help.

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