Dental implants Somerset NJ

What are dental implants?

Teeth roots that are replaced with dental implants Somerset NJ. For fixed (permanent) or removable replacement teeth that are designed to resemble your natural teeth, implants offer a solid basis.

What Benefits Can Dental Implants Offer?

Dental implants have numerous benefits, such as:

Enhanced look. Implants in the mouth feel and appear much like natural teeth. Furthermore, they become permanent since they are made to bond with bone.

Enhanced voice. When dentures are ill-fitting, the teeth may slide about in the mouth and cause you to slur or mumble. You can talk without having to worry about your teeth falling out thanks to dental implants.

Increased level of comfort. Implants remove the discomfort associated with removable dentures since they become an integral part of you.

Simpler eating. Chewing might be challenging with sliding dentures. Dental implants work much like natural teeth, so you can confidently and painlessly enjoy your favorite meals.

Increased self-worth. You can feel better about yourself and regain your smile with dental implants.

Enhanced oral health. Unlike a tooth-supported bridge, dental implants don’t require the extraction of neighboring teeth. More of your natural teeth are retained, enhancing your long-term oral health, because neighboring teeth are not reshaped to accommodate the implant. Additionally, individual implants make it simpler to clean in between teeth.

Resilience. Implants have a long lifespan and are incredibly resilient. Many implants last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Easy access. Simply said, removable dentures are removable. The unsightly hassle of taking out dentures is eliminated, as is the necessity for filthy adhesives to hold them in place when using dental implants.

How Well Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants Somerset have a success rate of up to 98% overall, though this varies depending on where in the jaw the implants are placed. Implants can last a lifetime if properly cared for (see below).

Is Dental Implantation Available to All?

Anybody who is healthy enough to have oral surgery or a standard dental extraction can often be evaluated for a dental implant. Patients must have sufficient bone to support the implant in addition to healthy gums. They also need to make a commitment to routine dental checkups and proper oral hygiene. Individual evaluations are necessary for heavy smokers, those with untreated chronic illnesses including diabetes or heart disease, and those who have undergone radiation therapy to the head or neck region. See your dentist if implants are a good option for you if you’re thinking about getting one.

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