In pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries developing topical (applied on the skin) drugs in cream or oil form need to prove that they are not harmful to the human skin under standard conditions. Usually, failure in this aspect negates the chance of the drug’s market entry. Incidentally, companies cannot test them on humans without complex paperwork, permissions, and often emergency payments.

However, the most proficient and helpful ex vivo skin model developed by the most recommended company can help. It mimics the properties of human skin efficiently. Being a non-biological product, it can be used to test products without the red tape of governing bodies.

 Information about this model

The most proficient company’s modern ex vivo skin model is a collagen-based artificial skin substrate created to imitate human skin. Its structure, texture, pH, and surface tension are very similar to human skin, which makes it an ideal substrate for in-vitro experiments where human skin is needed. It can be used in tests that require a hydration chamber and other applications that don’t. The starter kit of this skin model includes a hydration chamber, so the researchers don’t need to buy it separately. The material can be applied in diverse applications, and several methods can be used here.

Some of the fields and industries it can be used to test products on the skin are as follows:

  • Personal care
  • Medical devices
  • Dermal penetration/absorption studies
  • Skin moisturization studies
  • Malodor studies
  • OTC products
  • Chemical industry testing
  • Veterinary applications
  • Disinfectants
  • Microbiome studies
  • Anti-viral and anti-bacterial studies
  • Adhesives markets
  • Coefficient of friction studies
  • Waterproof/water resistance studies
  • Soft focus studies, etc.

Several patents of well-known products have featured this ex vivo skin model in their literature.

Advantages of this product

As mentioned earlier, the most proficient company’s most utilized ex vivo skin model product reduces the need for human studies and its associated regulatory codes and orders. You can test different new products on them without stressing about legal repercussions. Additionally, the product offers the following advantages for its users:

  • The most modern ex vivo skin model is more reproducible than human skin, which ensures data parity between successive experiments.
  • The product efficiently imitates the surface properties of human skin so that the results can be extrapolated with human skin information.
  • The product is non-biological, and therefore, the researchers can conduct their experiments without stressing about experimental ethics or living animal studies.
  • The company guarantees a long shelf-life for this product, so the users can buy them in bulk without fear and use them as and when necessary.

In conclusion

The company offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee about its products, and its claim is supported by the results of several researchers’ experiments and many patents. The ex vivo skin model kit comes with its instruments and peripherals, making the researcher’s job easy and significantly faster

By Russell Crowe

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