Discursive Essay Topics

Students often get confused when they are assigned discursive essays as academic writing. They don’t get an idea of how to select an appropriate discursive essay topic so that they can write it perfectly and score good grades.

Most of the students do not have ideas to select a discursive essay topic and when they come to writing, they find it hard to complete. In this blog, we will highlight some important points regarding the good discursive essay topics that help you in writing without any difficulty.

What is a Discursive Essay?

A discursive essay is a formal paper in which the writer defines the real points about the topic before the audience. The writing way of a discursive essay is just like an argumentative essay. There has a little bit of difference in its format. A discursive essay is written in a formal style compared to an argumentative essay.  For writing a discursive essay, students must have a clear understanding of the topic so that they can present all aspects of an issue.

A discursive essay is two types. In the first type, you might be given discursive essay topics. You are required to discuss argumentative points either in favor or against the topic. In the second type, you can select a particular side and back it up with supportive arguments.

How Select The Discursive Essay Topics?

Choosing appropriate discursive essay topics can be daunting due to various reasons. Students find it hard the process from picking a relevant topic to organizing real-life instances with supportive arguments.

Here, the right method of choosing discursive essay topics is given as follows:

Choose a Controversial Topic

You need to choose discursive essay topics that are unique. Every student often follows similar kinds of topics or subject matter. If you want to impress your professors you need to work on offbeat topics.

Brainstorming the Process of Writing on Topic 

While choosing discursive essay topics, you should properly brainstorm the process of writing. If you choose any random topic, it might be difficult for you to complete the essay.

  • Figure out the points in which you are interested to write.
  • Make sure you have enough understanding of the literature of the chosen discursive essay topic.

Must-Have Knowledge about Framing Discursive Essay Topics

You need to select the discursive essay topic on that you have sufficient knowledge.

  • A discursive essay paper includes 6 paragraphs.
  • Include a convincing introductory paragraph.
  • Two paragraphs should be in support of the topic and two others against it.
  • Finally, conclude all the points in the conclusion paragraph.

Write the supportive ideas on the topic in a proper format. A controversial topic will be easy to support with issues. 

Ideas of Few Discursive Essay Topics

Here, a list of some intriguing discursive essay topics is given. Give some time to read these topics, it helps you select the best topic for your academic writing on the discursive essay.

  1. Define the adverse effect of detox diets.
  2. Why the society is becoming over-regulated?
  3. Pros and cons of using mobile phones.
  4. Should the punishment in school abolish?
  5. Same-sex marriage should be given legal sanction.
  6. Discuss the ways in which students can add up the social movement for nature’s safety.
  7. The advantages and disadvantages of globalization.
  8. Effect of yoga practice
  9. Is the current education advantageous for students?
  10. Why should we make efforts for stopping deforestation?


Finding a discursive essay topic can be a tedious job for students. The above information and the given list of discursive essay topics help students to select an appropriate topic for writing an academic paper.  Finish on a strong note, urging your audience to study more or reflect on the most essential aspects of your essay. So if you are searching to write my essay online then get help now.

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