outlook emails disappearing

First, users must understand the reasons for “outlook mail disappeared’ and apply the solutions accordingly. Also, check the internet and network connections on the device. 

Users can also try a few short tricks that should be the priority such as rebooting the device or internet connection, clearing the cache from chrome or outlook, and if possible uninstalling the outlook app and installing it again.


Possible Reasons for emails disappearing from outlook :

Reason 1: Configuration settings: 

If the issue exists in the POP or IMAP settings of the Outlook account or incorrect POP or IMAP settings can lead to outlook emails disappearing.

Reason 2: Improper filter settings: 

When the filters are set improperly, it can lead to an outlook email disappeared issue 

Reason 3: Accidental deletion: 

Emails mistakenly deleted or even archived can be the reason for the disappearance.

Reason 4: Inactivity: 

If you have not used your Outlook email account for a while, then also this missing email in Outlook error can occur. 

Reason 5: Compromised Outlook account: 

When the outlook account got hacked or someone knew the account password and misused it.


Ways to Fix emails disappearing from outlook Issue:

The following solutions can be applied by the user to solve the problem of outlook emails disappearing and apply solutions accordingly.

Fix 1: Because of accidental deletion or any other reason, if messages got deleted or archived, users can search them from the delete folder or inbox search box.

Fix 2: Sometimes due to inaccurate settings messages are sent to spam folders instead of inboxes, that could be the reason for messages disappearing.

Fix 3: Improper filter settings must be set properly to avoid the issue and make changes accordingly.

Fix 4: Users must use the “Advanced Find” feature to Search for Missing Emails on Outlook.

The steps to use the Advanced Find feature to fix the emails disappearing from outlook issue are given below:  

Step 1: Users must first open the Outlook Account and, 

Step 2: Users must type the email they are searching for in the search box or type search tools

Step 3: Click on the search tools option and choose the Advanced Find search tools for disappeared emails.

Step 4: Enter the details of the disappeared emails and search them.

Fix 5: Users can also create a New Outlook Profile, and Import & Export Old Mail History to solve the problem of “outlook email disappeared” and to extract them into the new profile.

By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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