Having straight teeth is not just about appearance; It also helps you avoid chipping your irregular surface of your teeth. Having a bent teeth makes you chew difficulties, and may put inappropriate pressure on your gum tissue. Some orthodontic conditions can cause jaw joints to become in harmony, which causes headaches, facial or neck pain. Orthodontist is able to overcome the orthodontic conditions that you might have, giving you good results to make your life much easier.

Who are they

Orthodontist is a dentist who is registered as an orthodontic specialist. To be registered, Orthodontics must complete a bachelor’s degree in dentistry before continuing to complete the Masters degree in orthodontics, which is a full-time course of three years. When they completed their postgraduate degree, Orthodontist had skills in diagnosing, caring for, and preventing conditions involving the alignment of teeth and jaws.

Conditions that can be treated

Several orthodontic problems can be improved through orthodontic treatment. The space between teeth, protruding upper teeth, lost teeth, and affected teeth can be repaired. An orthodontist can also repair crowded teeth, as well as lottery, overbites, crossbites, and open bites.

Treatment options

Orthodontic treatment can effectively repair bent and is available in several options. Invisalign is a treatment where a clear straightener is made specifically for you; This is worn on your teeth. You will need a practitioner who is trained in Invisalign to provide care. He will be able to offer the best service to you because he has a lot of experience in giving Invisalign to patients.

If Invisalign cannot work for you, then you can consider braces, which are placed behind the teeth and gently put pressure on the teeth, moving them to the right position, and no one will see you are in treatment. If you want faster treatment, then accel will be perfect for you, because it reduces the time needed for treatment up to half. Acceledent puts greater orthodontic pressure than what is usually applied by Invisalign or regular braces.

Treatment process

During your first visit to the Orthodontist Matthews NC, a comprehensive examination of your teeth will be done to determine the care you need, the length of treatment, and costs. Furthermore, x -rays and photos of your teeth will be taken for further diagnosis. Your treatment plan can then be developed.


It should be noted that when undergoing orthodontic treatment, there is no need to have the impression of your teeth are done using mushrooms. Some dentists in Matthews NC has now adopted a high-technology 3D scanning technique to get your teeth. Using these pictures, you can see how your teeth will see every stage of treatment, to the final result. This technique also allows orthodontist to prepare a treatment plan for you, more than that if you are going to do Invisalign care.

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