Hospital stays can be quite a testing phase of human existence. Apart from the emotionally tiring situations, the   overall stay at these places is tough due to the quality of the bed and beddings offered. Further these sheets can retain infection from a patient and impact the health of subsequent patients. 

To avoid such a situation, it is crucial to order only the best hospital sheets wholesale that can be immediately washed and easily disinfected post recovery of a patient. 

Does the quality of the hospital sheets matter in patient comfort?

Whether you are running an assisted living facility or multi-speciality hospital, you may be investing a small fortune in beddings and sheets. Buying these in bulk can save you money and deliver sufficient inventory to manage your requirements.

The quality of sheets commonly used by the hospital can include variants like white queen hotel flat sheets or antimicrobial versions to deliver specific outcomes. 

Selecting only the best quality hospital sheets wholesale is crucial as the settings need special quality and attention to ensure that patients recuperate in a clean environment. Best quality sheets also aid in delivering a pleasant and comfortable stay for them.

In many cases, these beds do not conform to the standard sizes, specifications and hence the suppliers must fit into the unique dimensions of the hospital. 

Quality of sheets used by the hospitals 

Standard versions of the sheets used by hospitals are of 80X36 inches while fitting on the mattresses that can be up to 7 inches in depth. Regular twin bed sheets rarely fit into these parameters.

Here are the commonly used types of bed linen by the hospitals –

  • Draw sheets
  • Flat sheets
  • Fitted sheets

  • Draw sheets 

As numerous people who spend a majority of time on hospital bed are at the risk of developing bed sores, it is important to ensure adequate repositioning and safety. However, repositioning the patients can put a major toll on your caregiving staff. 

Ordering draw sheets can help to safely turn patients with minimum efforts. However these are smaller than the regular sheets but cover the upper and lower back region.

  • Fitted sheets 

For the added comfort of the patients, your hospital needs adequately fitted sheets. The same must be able to accommodate to the needs of an adjustable bed but keeping these tucked under the mattress can be tough. Hence if your hospital uses such products then it is important to ensure that the aspects like length, depth, etc. are considered before ordering the sheets.  

  • Flat sheets 

Correctly chosen sheets will enhance patient safety and comfort. Undersized sheets can bunch up and cause problems. These may risk skin wounds and increase chances of contamination. Similarly oversized sheets will add to the caregiver woes and create a tripping hazard. 

In such a situation, flat sheets can be a suitable investment for your business.

Will standard twin sheets work in hospital settings?

Twin sheets designed for a regular bedroom will not prove to be adequate for a hospital. Poor quality sheets may entangled with the patients while the best ones will deliver comfort and ease.

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