If you have decided to make Italian dishes for your Christmas party and want to add unique ingredients to the recipes, you are recommended to add truffles. But before you order truffles online, you must ask a few questions.

Want to Order Truffles Online? Ask these Questions

Why should you ask questions about different things? The main reason for this is that you can get an insight into different aspects of the product under discussion. The following are the crucial questions that should be asked before ordering truffles.

What to Know About Truffles?

Truffles are fungi that closely resemble mushrooms. These should not be confused with the French sweet treat that goes by the same name. They come from the species of tubers that have a darker covering with a white inside.

What is the Taste of Truffles?

Truffles have a unique taste that is more like nutty, earthy, and chocolaty. Truffles have a particular characteristic that can enhance the flavor of other ingredients that are added to them.

Where to Locate Truffles?

Truffles are naturally grown in forests under the ground and barks of trees. They are found at least six inches deep in the soil. The fruit of truffles stays underground, unlike mushrooms that emerge to the surface.

How Can They be Found?

Some notable dogs and hogs are trained to find truffles buried underground. They both have an excellent sense of smell that is very helpful to find truffles.

How Many Kinds of Truffles are Available?

The most famous truffle kinds include white truffle, black, burgundy, Chinese, Asina, Terfez,  Summer, Winter truffles. But according to experts, you will find hundreds of species of truffle.

What Other Products are Made from Truffles?

As mentioned above, truffles have a unique quality that can enhance the flavor of the ingredients mixed or infused with. There is a long list of ingredients in which truffles can be mixed: oil, honey, butter, mayo, sauces, vodka, and pasta.

In What Ways White Truffle can be Cooked?

The best technique to use truffles is to eat them raw, but other methods can be used. These can be ordered from places like Tartuflanghe and used in these methods, including mixing with pasta, grating over Italian dishes, slices decorated on salads.

Are Truffles Same As Mushrooms?

Truffles and mushrooms can be considered cousins, as they belong to the same family of fungi. But both are different in many ways. Truffles are found under the ground; whereas, mushrooms are on the ground.

What is their Health Benefits?

Truffles contain several kinds of minerals, vitamins, and proteins that are beneficial to lower the risks of having many chronic diseases and provide nutrients to the body.

Are Truffles Considered Poisonous?

No truffles are not poisonous like most people might think. But it is advised to check the soil content where they are grown for toxic elements.

How Can Truffles be Stored?

The fresh truffles have to be stored in the refrigerator but paper bags. You have to avoid storing in plastic containers.

From Where to Buy Truffles?

There are several online stores from where you can order truffles online. These places have not only truffles but also other products made from truffles.

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