Creating a unique logo or design plays a pivotal role in shaping your organization’s identity. It goes a long way in establishing brand recognition among your target audience. 

Corporates invest much time into marketing efforts to cement their brand name and increase customer loyalty. So, getting custom T-shirts from India would be an excellent way for your business to get noticed by potential customers. You can get your custom t-shirts printed or embroidered with the design of your choice with no minimum order restrictions.

These affordable customized t-shirts will make a perfect fit for all types of organizations, including:

  • Corporates 
  • Small businesses 
  • Event organizers 
  • Non-governmental organizations 
  • Social service clubs 
  • Government departments 
  • Charity organizations 
  • Universities, Colleges & Schools 
  • Political Parties 

Custom t-shirt companies in India are fully equipped with the latest machines to provide you with the best quality. They follow stellar in-house t-shirt manufacturing processes to ensure that the custom t-shirts designing complements your specifications. The modern facilities at their factory include the following:

  • High-end designing 
  • Pre-print processing 
  • Direct from the computer screen making 
  • Computerized screen printing machines 
  • Japanese embroidery machines 
  • Direct to garment digital printing machines 
  • Hybrid direct to garment digital printing machines 
  • Sublimation set-up

These companies are constantly keeping an eye out for the latest developments in the industry. They ensure that their processes of production, printing, and embroidery are on par with international standards.

You also get to pick from a comprehensive range of styles and a variety of garments. These can include collar polo t-shirt, round neck, v neck, or even sweatshirts, hoodies, and jerseys. You can choose whichever type of t-shirt you feel best represents your brand. Even the T-shirts’ fabric comes in a wide range from 100% cotton, 100% polyester, polyester-cotton mix, Dri-FIT, fleece, etc.

These custom t-shirts are available in a myriad of color options in over 20 different sizes. This variety ensures that you can have the t-shirt customized according to your campaign requirements. You can even choose to have each t-shirt personalized individually to ensure that they stand out from the rest. 

Fast and Easy ordering

You can now place your inquiries easily through instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and expect a quick reply. The company representative will even assist you with the dimensions, designing, and suitability of various fabrics as per your requirements. Once you finalize the t-shirt design, you will receive the quote, and they take care of the rest. You will also receive previews, invoices, order status, and shipping updates on time.

No minimum order limit

There are no minimum order limits; you can even choose to order just one customized t-shirt. This flexibility frees you from the need to place a bulk order of your personalized t-shirts. As the pricing of t-shirts is competitive, you don’t need to worry about losing the advantage by not buying in bulk. You can order the exact number of t-shirts that you need. 

Production lead time

The entire production process takes between 24 hours and two weeks, depending on the final design, the number of t-shirts ordered, style, and so on. It would be advisable to place your order at least three weeks before your requirement. In case you don’t have time, you could inform the company while placing the order. They will accommodate your needs in the best way possible.


You can specify the mode of transportation that you would prefer while placing the order. The company will have the t-shirts delivered to you at any location around the world. You can even choose to have the t-shirts delivered at multiple locations around the world. This benefit saves you the trouble of redistributing them to your various establishments around the world. You will also receive the shipment tracking URL so that you are always in the know regarding where your package is.

Placing an international order for customized t-shirts has been transformed into a seamless, user-friendly journey. You no longer have to worry about compromising on the quality of the designing process or the fabric. 

Custom t-shirt printing companies in India are well equipped with the latest innovations in the garment industry to provide you with international quality t-shirts. No matter what your requirements, you can get customized t-shirts printed for yourself and your team.


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