OPPO Band 2

Wearables are the next big thing which are anticipated to replace the use of smartphones. These are small but sophisticated computing devices that resemble a simple wristband in appearance. These light-weight wearables are capable of performing multiple complex tasks such as receiving or initiating phone calls, reading emails or text messages, listening to music, getting daily weather reports, and accessing Google assistance. The trend of wearables gained immense popularity when fitness trackers were first launched in the industry; however, the OPPO Band 2 has integrated all the top-trending smartwatch functions into a single elegant solution. 

OPPO has always been an up-and-comer in the technological innovation sector. The brand launched two wearables, i.e., “Watch 3” and “Watch Pro,” earlier, which were huge successes in the market, but the company has now officially launched its mega-revolutionizer product, i.e., the OPPO Band 2. With a 1.57-inch AMOLED display and an on-cell capacitive touch screen, the band also comes with a 6-axis motion sensor, providing an all-in-one solution to the user. Here is a list of the most incredible specs and features embedded in the OPPO Band 2 that will convince you to buy the wristband right now! 

Screen that fascinates! 

The OPPO Band 2 comes with a 1.57-inch screen, which is 74% bigger in size than the previous generations. The peak brightness extends up to 500 nits, which ensures an extra-efficient display presentation even on bright sunny days. 100% DCI-P3 is embedded in the wristband, achieving far better colour reproduction as compared to traditional smartphones and other consumer electronic gadgets. The aspect ratio design and the smaller display area provide an extra feasible outlook to the user and also reduce the potential for eyestrain. 

Make your day’s outfit, your day’s watch face! 

The OPPO Band 2 has more than 150 gorgeous watch faces to customise the display as per your daily mood. However, that is not the most amazing part! This wrist band has integrated “AI outfit watch 2.0” technology in its system, which enables you to take a picture of your outfit and create a watch face that exactly matches your OOTD. So, with the OPPO Band 2, you can never worry about your wristband going out of style! 

Colours that are never outdated 

The strap of the OPPO Band 2 comes in two different colour combinations. The first is blue and white, which is inspired by the enchanting view of the sky, and the second is jet black. Both combinations go well with every type of dressing. Whether it’s a formal office meeting or a fun night out with some old friends, the OPPO wristband will look great with any outfit. Other than this, the band weighs only 33 g, which means that having the wearable on your wrist for longer hours is not a problem anymore. These lighter-than-air bands are completely painless for the user, making them an ideal gadget to have with you all day! 

A Fitness Maniac’s Best Friend 

The OPPO Band 2 is your ultimate workout partner. It records every little detail of your activity and accurately analyses it to predict your pattern. If you are someone with a lack of workout motivation, this is the “PERFECT” device for you. The OPPO wrist band makes your exercise regimen look like a fun activity rather than a hectic chore. Your previous progress, daily activity, and goal tracking can be done with a single tap. The latest OPPO wearables come with the below-mentioned amazing features. 

a.    Professional Tennis Mode 

There are multiple smartwatches with in-built workout modes, but none comes with a professional tennis mode designed as comprehensively as the OPPO Band 2. The wrist band has been equipped with AI technologies that recognise different strokes, hitting patterns, and swing speeds, enabling you to understand your tennis skills. Once you have a detailed understanding of your tennis pattern, you can easily work to enhance your game as well. The number of hits, total duration, and calories burned during your tennis session are also recorded, helping you track your daily workout goals! 

b.    Upgraded Running Mode 

The Band 2 wearables have 13 different professionally designed running courses where you can just set your goal and get comprehensive guidelines about the most effective running pace, speed, and style. The upgraded running mode also provides professional data on stride length, cardio assessment, results of aerobic exercises, and workout recovery time. In other words, all of your cardio necessities are fulfilled by the revolutionary OPPO Band 2. 

c.  More than 100 workout modes

Individuals are getting more and more conscious about their fitness regimens. To effectively keep up their pace, it is important to have the appropriate measurement scale as well. The OPPO wrist band has more than 100 different workout modes, including swim, walk, cycle, ball, leisure, bodybuilding, dance, yoga, and all-round. The four primary workout modes, i.e., walking, running, elliptical machines (treadmills), and rowing machines, are auto-detected. Other than this, the device ensures that you stay safe during all time periods. The constant heart rate monitoring alerts the wearer if they go overboard, which means that your heart is always in good hands. 

Say goodbye to sleep problems! 

Imagine that you had a long and tiring day at work. You go home and finally lie down on your bed, instantly falling asleep. Now, imagine getting disturbed with the loud noise of a ringtone, during your sleep period just because you forgot to switch your phone to “Sleep Mode”. Frustrating, right? With the latest OPPO wearables, you don’t have to worry about this issue anymore. When you sleep, the band automatically switches the connected phone to “Sleep Mode,” avoiding any unnecessary interruptions or headaches. 

  • Before your bedtime, the wrist band starts emitting blue light, which helps you calm down. On the screen, a sleep time reminder will appear, reminding you to get enough rest. 
  • When you sleep, the wrist band monitors your sleep cycle, snoring activities, and SpO2 levels, enhancing your overall sleeping habits. The OPPO Band 2 comes with multiple settings for pre-bedtime, during sleep, and after waking up. The “OSleep 4” technology assists you throughout all phases of your sleep journey. 
  • After waking up, you can also check your sleep quality report, which can help in the development of a healthier sleep routine. 

Some extra motivation 

As the wristband is constantly monitoring your heart health, it can identify extended stress or sedentary periods. For instance, if you have been sitting in your office chair for five hours, constantly crunching hectic numbers, the OPPO Band 2 will remind you to get up and hydrate. These wearables serve as your true companion in good times and bad. We know how important it is to just receive a little reminder of reassurance when you are stressed. The advanced AI technology in the OPPO wrist band also sends a “stress reminder” when constant high levels of stress are identified, which can instantly lift your mood! 

Last Words 

The OPPO Band 2, despite being an extremely compact device, has so many amazing features that make us imagine the wonders of technology. Representing AI craftsmanship at its finest, the device is a fashion accessory, a fitness tracker, a professional tennis coach, a workout motivator, a heart health doctor, a sleep health monitor, and your best friend throughout turbulent periods—all at once. For its price, the device is definitely worth every penny spent on it. So, what are you waiting for? Order yours now and let us know your experience in the comments below. 

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