New to Mercari? Here's How It Works

If you’re new to Mercari, you may be wondering exactly how it works and why it’s so popular. Luckily, this article will shed some light on these questions and more. You will learn all about the Mercari app, how to buy and sell items on Mercari, where to find buyers, sellers and shipping information, what to look for when buying and selling items on Mercari and the general advantages of using Mercari over other marketplaces.

Mercari is an online marketplace

Mercari is a mobile app for buying and selling items. You can buy or sell anything from clothing, shoes, accessories, electronics, furniture, etc. Download the app and create an account (you’ll need a credit card). Once you sign up and log in, you’ll be able to browse through your local area for other users’ listings of items they want to sell. If you see something you like (or know someone who might) make sure that the item is still available by checking the date on their listing. When you find what you’re looking for select buy or sell and follow the prompts.

It’s as easy as that!

You can buy or sell new or used items

Mercari is the world’s leading marketplace for buying and selling new and used fashion. Since launching in 2014, millions of items have been sold on Mercari with more than $1 billion in gross merchandise volume. The app is available for download on iOS or Android and can be connected to your Facebook account, so you’re able to find friends who are also using the app and buy items from them too! The interface of the app is very easy to use – all you need to do is swipe through different categories of clothing like tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, etc. If you see something that catches your eye, just tap on it!

Mercari takes a 10% fee on each sale

Mercari is a mobile marketplace that has taken the world by storm. People who have items they no longer want can list them for sale on the app, and people who are looking for new things can search through listings and make purchases with just a few taps. As of January 2019, Mercari has raised over $200 million in funding (here’s an overview of their recent fundraising rounds). But what is it exactly? And how does it work?

The first thing you need to do when using Mercari is download the app on your phone. You’ll then create an account and fill out some basic information (name, email address, password). Once you’ve done that, there are two ways to start selling: either by listing individual items or by setting up a shop.

Shipping is free on Mercari

With Mircari, shipping is free for the buyer. Sellers set their own prices and there are no listing fees. If a seller chooses to offer shipping for an item, it will cost them $2.50 plus the price of any packing materials they need (such as bubble wrap). After selling an item, sellers can choose whether or not they want to use our Ship Now service which provides them with packaging materials and a prepaid shipping label. All they have to do is send the package off before 10 pm PST within 3 days of receiving it from us.

Mercari protects buyers and sellers

Mercari is a secure way for buyers and sellers around the world to meet. Buyers can buy from a wide range of sellers, locally or internationally. Sellers can sell their items quickly and safely, with no need for carrying inventory.

Sellers list their items for sale on Mercari for free and set their own prices, shipping options, return policy, and payment methods.

When a buyer purchases an item from a seller on Mercari, the seller ships the item to the buyer’s address at no cost. The buyer pays a small shipping fee (typically $2-$5) when they purchase an item through Mercari. This fee helps cover our costs associated with shipping items such as packaging materials, handling fees, and processing fees.


For those looking for a new shopping experience, Mercari is a great place to start. Start off by setting up your account with your name and email address. After that, you can fill out your profile and add photos of yourself so other sellers know what you’re looking for in clothing. To purchase items from other sellers, just click on their name and check out their items.

If you see something you like, make an offer that both parties agree on. You can pay either with PayPal or Venmo if the seller accepts those payment methods; if not then cash is always an option. Selling on Mercari is easy too – just upload photos of the clothes you want to sell and set a price! Happy shopping!

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