Neurology is the branch of medicine that deals with disorders of the nervous system. There are various neurological disorders that can significantly influence the central nervous system, the autonomic nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. It is a very insightful specialty and the transcription of neurological reports is essential for neurologists to provide appropriate patient care.

Neurologist and neurology clinics that use in-house services are often faced with the problem of late receipt of neurological reports, which causes them a great deal of concern. This is because these mid-sized departments use archaic transcription methods,

delivering the files after an extended period of time, up to 36 hours. This makes the physician very tense and pensive, as he/she is not able to give quick and better care to the patient. In addition, these poor services weigh on the business because of their high costs. To document a single 65-character line, they charge an expensive $35 to $38, completely draining the clinic’s financial resources.

Clinics have learned from this costly experience that maintaining an in-house service is like maintaining a “financial” white elephant in their investment. They have turned to the well-known medical transcription companies. These top-notch companies provide a transcription service based on the specialty of neurology at reasonable rates and with a quick turnaround time.

Integration of EMR transcription and dictation in neurology

Professional transcription service companies typically hire transcribers who are adept at providing neurology transcription services and are familiar with the medical terms used. The transcription specialists are very familiar with EMR dictation processing. All of these leading companies accept not only telephone dictation and dictation done with handheld digital voice recorders, but also EMR and EHR dictation.

They provide all kinds of neurological support services. Well-known transcription companies integrate their online transcription module with a clinic’s specific EMR. The company’s technical brains work mutually with a clinic’s technical wing and set up a virtual private network (VPN) between their online transcription module and the hospital’s EMR application. Properly signed HIPAA transcribers log into the emr using a passworded user account set up by the clinic’s IT staff, access the dictations, document them, and submit them to the neurologist for review. Physicians have the option to electronically sign the reports, print them or fax them to patients, referring physicians or insurance companies.

The leading neurological report transcription services provide HIPAA compliant services. They are very careful about keeping the patient’s medical profile information. All data is transported through secure, AES 256-bit encrypted FTP protocols as HL7 messages.

To learn more about their quality and accuracy standards, the leading providers voluntarily offer a free 7-day no-obligation trial, during which they document some of the neurological reports and send them to physicians and clinics for evaluation. Once satisfied, a joint business agreement is signed between the clinic and the medical transcription service.

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By Syed Khubaib Saifi

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