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While thinking to start a trade business, you need to make sure whether your products are worthy of the export or not. In this situation, you can have import export consultancy services, that will help you find the best product for export and a sales and business development consultant will guide you on how to sell them in the foreign market.

While talking about export, there are so many questions that came to mind regarding the affordability of product development, their selling, and profit generation after delivery to the international market. All these questions will be answered by export finance. This export finance is responsible for funding to do business with the international market. It has all the summery for the export cash flow starting from product manufacturing to the delivery transactions. There are many sources for export Express Finance UK 2022 that a businessman can opt for depending on the requirements and demands of the business.

Need for export finance

Foremost thing is to decide what are the reasons for having export finance. You need to take a look at why you are looking for funds in your export business. There may be the following reasons.

  • You want to start a new export business company
  • You need to grow your existing business
  • You need funds for working capital

There are different types of export finance in your whole trade journey, starting from your brand house to the international market delivery.

Finance before shipping

This is the type of export finance that is given to the export businesses in order to purchase the raw material, processing of goods, and make a final product. It is associated with the manufacturing of products. These funds are provided to the exporter for all the processes before shipping goods. On the other hand, exporters can have pre-shipping funds in the form of Packing Credit on the basis of orders received for export.

Finance after shipping

These funds are associated with the exporter after they have shipped the goods, and the importer of the international market generates the payment invoice. This fund trader can take longer up to 3-6 months. During this time the exporter needs working capital to complete further orders.

Invoice factoring

For fast actions, the import export consultancy services guide the exporter to submit the invoice to the bank. Now the bank is responsible to have the bill, collecting the amount, and reducing it. During international export, the exporter will have a loan from the bank.

Bank loans and govt subsidies

The letter of credit is the payment guarantee from the international bank and exporters can apply for a loan against this letter of credit. On the other hand, the government of the exporter country will provide subsidies to sell the products in the international market at low prices.


For the export business, you need to learn all about foreign exchange rates and their terms and conditions. A sales and business development consultant is one who guides you on the pros and cons of business strategies. There are import export consultancy services where you can get enough information about the export finance for your goods and services.

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