Natural gas is one of the most commonly used fossil energy sources in homes. It is a safe fossil fuel that is found deep below the Earth. However, they can also be extremely dangerous. It is a non-toxic and highly flammable gas in its pure form; that can be responsible for the explosion.

The best natural gas leak detector might not be on your shopping list. However,

It is as crucial as the fire extinguisher or smoke detector for your home.

Why Every Home Needs Natural Gas Leak Detector?

Public utilities add a chemical to the colorless and odorless natural gas to give it a “rotten egg” smell to help people detect even the slightest leakage. However, sometimes this smell fades away, or you might not be able to identify it due to a reduced or lack of sense of smell. It can lead to a life-threatening situation such as an explosion. The natural gas detector protects you and your family from such accidents.

What Should You Consider While Installing Natural Gas Leak Detector?

Natural gas is compressed and delivered through pipelines to homes. This CNG is then used by appliances, such as lighting fixtures, clothes dryers, ovens, and stoves. Thus, installing the best natural gas leak detector next to these appliances is highly recommended. It will immediately alert you about the leakage, adding a safety blanket around your house.

Other key points to consider when installing natural gas detector are:

• The type of alarm:

While shopping for natural gas leak detector, you will come across numerous options. You can make your choice based on your requirement and budget. The perfect combination is a sound and light alarm. The benefit of the alarm system depends on its strategic installment. They should be placed in such a manner that family members can be quickly alerted about the leakage.

• Location of the detector:

Obviously, you must install the natural gas leak detector near the source of natural gas, such as fireplaces, water heaters, and ovens. We recommend installing at least one sensor per floor so that every family member can be alert immediately.

• Number of the detectors:

If you have a natural gas source in more than one place in your home, installing more than one detector is recommended.

• Incorporating with Security System:

It is highly recommended to pair your natural gas leak detector and smoke alarm with your monitored security alarm system. It will immediately alert the security company, if there is a natural gas leakage and you are not at home or sleeping.

What Must You Do When Your Natural Gas Leak Detector Goes Off?

During the natural gas leakage, your detector will go off. In such a situation, don’t panic and immediately vacate your home. Contact your public utility service for further assistance.

The best natural gas leak detector will go off when a property is impacted by a natural disaster such as a flood, hurricane, earthquake, or tornado. During such emergencies, you must always shut off the utilities.

The Bottom Line

Although natural gas leakage is rare but not unheard of. Installing a natural gas leakage detector is a must for every home. It adds an extra layer of security and offers unmatchable peace of mind. For know more about Natural Gas Detector visit our website.

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